Save The Bowl Of Leftover Ganache To Try These 5 Dishes

A light, airy and delicious sponge with a creamy ganache on top- intriguing enough, right?  A call did cake loaded and drenched in a smooth, creamy and moreish ganache is real delight. And at times while applying it to the cake we at times are left with some extra ganache. This surely shouldn’t make it to the bin. Well then here’s how there’s no more throwing away and wasting ganache now as we have come up with five easy ways to use leftover ganache. Check them out.

1. Truffles

One of the easiest ways to use leftover chocolate ganache is to make truffles. All you have to do is to roll chilled ganache into balls and roll the balls on cocoa powder or nuts and make bite-sized truffles. These truffles are perfect if you are craving a sweet snack or a post-dinner sweet.

2. Chocolate mousse

Melt the ganache in a double boiler, add whipped cream and make a smooth and creamy chocolate mousse with your leftover ganache. You can also layer the mousse with your favourite ingredients and make a set mousse dessert.

3. Sandwich/Cookie Filling

Use your leftover ganache to fill between two pieces of bread, add some cheese and grill to make a cheese-chocolate sandwich for snacks. You can also use it between two cookies and make a cookie sandwich.

4. Instant Hot Chocolate

Mix some chocolate ganache in a cup of warm milk and make instant hot chocolate for chilly winter evenings. You can add some cubes of dark chocolate for extra flavour and a richer texture.

5. Dip Fruits

Dip your strawberries or any other fruit in melted chocolate ganache, freeze to set and relish. You get a filling, flavourful and delicious sweet snack in a jiffy.

Use these easy ways to use leftover ganache and let us know which one you loved the most.