4 Myths And Facts Related To Sattvic Food
Image Credit: Sattvic Food

'Sattvic' derived from 'sattva' is a Sanskrit word meaning "pure, essence, vital, energy, clean, conscious, and wise." A sattvic diet includes food and eating habit that is pure, essential and energy-giving based on Ayurveda. It is also known as a Yogic diet. According to the ancient yoga literature, food is classified into sattvic, rajasic, and tamasic, as per its quality and health benefits. Sattvic food varieties are believed to be pure and balanced, offering a sense of tranquillity, satisfaction, and mental clarity.

On the other hand, rajasic food varieties are portrayed as excessively stimulating, and tamasic food sources are accepted to increase weakness and lethargy. Sattvic diets are linked with a high intake of micronutrients and are considered the best choice for promoting a healthy life span, physical strength, and psychological health. The oldest science, more than 5000 years old, is the Ayurveda. And based on its principle, the Sattvic diet is rich in fibre and low-fat vegetarian food with various health benefits. But many abandon the possibility of a sattvic diet accepting the myths related to it. Vegetarian food has always been targeted for unacceptable reasons, from less nutrient to expensive. Thus, it turns out to be essential to clear the myths and display the facts often. So that all might know the rich legacy of our culture and invest heavily in it.

Shrawan Daga, Founder, Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda, takes a dig at the few myths and facts related to a sattvic or yogic vegetarian diet:

  • The sattvic diet bans foods that are believed tamasic or rajasic. Foods that are fiery or exceptionally acrid, steaming hot, severe, dry, or very salty. Such food increase discomfort, torment, illness and, subsequently, dismay. Since some foods such as high-fat fried foods and added sugars are unhealthy but not all. Radishes, chilli peppers, onions, and mushrooms are healthy options off-limit the sattvic food.

  • Consuming the whole, nutrient-dense food varieties of the sattvic diet can assist promote wellbeing by providing the body protein, solid fats, fibre, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants for cell reinforcements that are fundamental needs for keeping up with the physical process. This fact challenges and nullifies the myth that the sattvic diet is less nutrient and insufficient to fuel the body efficiently.
  • Another myth that many believe is that sattvic food always makes one hungry. Its increases the number of cravings. At the same time, studies say that fibre content in vegetarian food keeps the human stomach full and stabilizes glucose levels to forestall cravings.

  • Few also believe the sattvic diet comprises raw food whereas, the fact is that it is a food with substance and natural flavour; fresh food, with natural oils and agreeable to the body. The food prepared should be consumed within four hours of cooking.

If, ever need to partake in a decent psyche, a unique character, a sound body, and peaceful and productive life, seek the guidance of the extraordinary yogis and make your diet a sattvic one. As diets not only shapes the body but additionally shape the brain and the soul.