‘Sattva’; An Ode To The Goddess On A Plate
Image Credit: Rasam/ Ayandrali Dutta

The festive season is knocking and that means the plate too sees a makeover. From feasting to fasting the nine days of Navratri’s are all about eating clean. And keeping up with the traditional favourites Rooh celebrates “Sattva”. Our body is influenced by the three Gunas- Rajasic (activity, restlessness, stress and anger), Tamasic (lethargy, dullness and laziness) and Sattvic (balanced, harmony, purity, health and wellbeing) and going with the root word of the Sattiv, it comes from the word Sattva- something that is pure on all it’s highest form. 

And hence the 9-day Navratri special has been beautiful plated by Chef Anil Dhahiya and Chef Vardaan Marwah. Working on tough terrains and crafting some creative artistic recipes behind the kitchens has been the forte of Rooh and this time too they have left no stone unturned. Celebrating them through mindfully prepared food the meal started with a Berry explosion with an air-dried sweet potato crisp as an amoush bouche. The melt in your mouth explosion carved the path for the meal ahead. The Tomato and passion fruit passion with holy basil foam and compressed fruits followed next. This rasam was everything but ordinary which was served in a conch and then delicately poured over the basil foam for me to gulp it in one go. Believe you me you would forget all the other rasam that you have ever had.

All These delectable dishes have been are meticulously handcrafted by the experts, prepared using desi ghee and seasoned with Himalayan rock salt, keeping in mind the preferences on these ‘nine divine days’. Chaat happens to be one most sought after dish during the festive days but here the chaat has been given a facelift with Sweet potato roastie, sweet and sour yogurt mousse, beetroot chips and homemade chutneys. Each blends perfectly well on a bowl and the foamy mousse is absolutely light. For all the galauti lovers trust me when I say that you would ditch your meat galauti’s for this jackfruit, raw banana and lotus stem galauti that is served on a sabudana papad with a hint of mango chutney. 

The chefs have surely given Navratri meal an all-together a new meaning and creative high. Next on table was the kuttu ka chila, kashiphal chowkha and parmesan mousse, something that is simply beyond imagination. Next in the main course was the so called kadi chawal where savak rice and curd mixed with goat cheese has been the arancini look which is dipped in butternut kadhi paired with some nadru ke chips. As you take a bite of those arancini with the kadhi base, a chef’s artistic playground is seen. 

Ending a sweet note is the was the sabudana kheer, almond pistachio cake and alphonso mango sorbet. Rooh has surely given the run on the mill Navratri feast a new taste, texture and look. The festival starts from 2nd and is on till 20th. Experience the craftsmanship on plate.

Here's the recipe for Kuttu and samak rice atta cheela with tangy kashifal chowkha

For kuttu atta cheela


    75 gms kuttu ka aata

    50gms samak rice powder

    ½ tsp Cumin powder

    10gms milk powder

    1 tsp rock salt

    20ml curd

    2 tbsp powdered sugar 

    140ml water

    Desi ghee for greasing pan


    In a mixing bowl take all the ingredients except desi ghee,  combine them with water. Adjust salt as per your taste. Consistency should be like normal dosa batter. So adjust water quantity accordingly. 

    Heat a griddle on medium flame and grease with some ghee. Pour two spoonful batter on tava and spread. This will not spread like normal dosa, just do as much as possible easily. It will be thicker than dosa. 

    Apply ghee on the top of cheela and sides as well. Let it cook for 30-40 seconds.

For kashifal chowkha  


    1 cup pumpkin

    1 chopped tomato 

    2tbsp sugar

    3 tsp chopped green chilli 

    2 tablespoon desi ghee 

    1 tbsp lemon juice 

    1 teaspoon cumin powder

    1 teaspoon cumin

    2 teaspoon chopped fresh coriander 

    1 tsp chopped ginger 

    sendha namak as required


First heat desi ghee in a pan. Once the oil is hot enough add cumin to it and let it crackle, add chopped ginger sauté for 30 seconds. Next, add chopped pumpkin cubes, tomato and green chilli to the pan. Sauté it well.

Next, in the pan add cumin powder, salt,  sugar and lemon juice.  Cook this mixture until the pumpkin cubes become soft.

Garnish the prepared dish with chopped coriander and fill in cheela and serve hot with curd or sour cream.