Saransh Goila’s Trip To Shimla Included Hot Parathas, Chai, Cake

Saransh Goila’s dreamy birthday trip with family and friends has been nothing short of a heart-warming experience to witness, as the celebrity chef continues to share glimpses of the celebrations in the mountains, on his social media. The Goila Butter Chicken founder, who embarked on a road trip from Chandigarh to Naldhera in Shimla, has also covered Kasauli as part of his birthday holiday – all the while, making sure to fit in some delicious meals during breaks. Kickstarting the trip with fresh-off-the-tandoor parathas, Saransh shared an image of a large plate loaded with the stuffed flatbreads, with an assortment of fillings like potatoes and cauliflower – all served with knobs of Amul butter.

Washing down this delicious meal with a cup of hot chai, Goila also shared beautiful photographs of his birthday dinner – that had him posing with a chocolate cake in one, sipping on some sparkling wine in another and enjoying a slice of cheesecake by the fire in a third picture. The chef, who then made a headway to Kasauli with friends, experienced a 15-course meal over a span of 5 hours, at Prateek Sadhu’s Naar restaurant, which specialises in Himalayan cuisine made with locally-sourced ingredients.

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Sharing a picture of what appeared to be a leaf fritter, topped with a creamy protein-based topping and garnished with edible yellow flowers, the delicacy sat pretty in the chef’s palm. Sharing a series of pictures from his special dinner, Goila captioned the carousel saying, “This Birthday dinner in the forest was memorable to say the least. Tranquil, beautiful and definitely Delishaaas.” He also gushed about his dining experience at Sadhu’s restaurant, declaring that Naar is not just a restaurant but also a destination worth travelling to, to dine at. Setting some serious birthday goals with these enviable experiences for sure!