Sara Tendulkar Attempts Making Mango Ice Cream At Home And You Should Too, Fun Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Instagram @saratendulkar

Sara Tendulkar is sure one of the most interesting people to follow on Instagram. Unlike her father, legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who posts only occasionally, Sara loves to keep her grid lively and vivid. If you happen to be one of her 2million followers on Instagram, you would perhaps know of her immense love for food. That’s right, the daughter of Master Blaster, is a self-confessed food buff. Not only does she love to eat, she also tries her hand at many cool and quirky recipes. Remember the delish Mocha she prepared a few days ago. On Thursday, she decided to take things up a notch, it seems. The 21-year-old prepared mango ice cream for her mother Anjali Tendulkar at home. She even shared the making of the ice cream on her Instagram stories. “Mango ice cream in the making.. @tendulkaranjali your wish is my command”, she captioned the video, where one can see her blending fresh mango puree with milk.

Instagram story by @saratendulkar

The hot summer calls for mangoes. The King of fruits is an Indian summer staple us desis cannot do without. Mangi is such a widely loved fruit that there are so many cultivars of the same such as alphonso, safeda, dessehri, langda, chausa etc. And guess what? All of them can be used to make a scoop of mango ice cream. Once you start making ice creams at home, there is just no looking back. To make Mango ice cream, all you need to do is chop some fresh mangoes and blend them in a puree and mix the puree with cream. You can even give your ice cream a vegan twist, by using vegan substitutes such as coconut milk and almond milk etc. Then of course, there are umpteen ways to spruce up your ice cream. You can add nuts like pistachios, almonds and cashews, raisins work very well too. White chocolate chips are not a bad idea too if you wish to make it rich in terms of texture.  

This easy mango ice cream recipe will surely become the highlight of your spread. It is so simple to make that you’d be making it often and again. To make this ice cream, wash the mangoes, peel and chop. Then keep it in the refrigerator’s freezer for 2 hours. This would make so much of a difference, trust us.  

Pour the puree in the grinder, add sugar and condensed milk, blend well. Condensed milk is already sweet, so if you do not want your ice cream to be very sweet, you can skip sugar as well. Then pull out chilled bowls, add some ice cubes, and pour fresh cream on top. Whisk this cream for a few minutes and mix it with the mango batter. Whisk again to combine well. Pour the batter in an air-tight container and freeze for 5 hours.  Serve chilled in ice cream glasses

Here’s the full recipe with the list of ingredients. Try and tell us.