Sara Ali Khan’s Dal-Chawal Adventure In Kedarnath

Sara Ali Khan – who is a self-proclaimed devotee and regular visitor to the pilgrimage spot of Kedarnath, shared a beautiful glimpse of her recent trip with a friend. Amongst the many things like visiting temples, sitting by the river and splashing her face with cold water from a stream, the actress was also seen lending a helping hand to someone who was preparing a meal in a tiny kitchen.

The actress was seen sorting through a bunch of leaves to prepare hak saag – a preparation of stir-fried and braised winter greens, cooked with minimal spices. She was later seen in the same video, enjoying a humble meal of dal-chawal-sabzi which she relished seated cross-legged on the ground, basking in the sunlight. The Atrangi Re actress was also seen spending some quality time resting in the shade of a tree and meditating on a full moon night.

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Sara, has also previously talked about visiting the popular spiritual place with actress Jahnvi Kapoor, where the two enjoyed a meal of rajma-chawal. She has also been vocal about sharing a special connection with the place due to shooting her debut film in the pilgrimage site. Although the actress follows a strict, high-protein diet on most days, she is not one to shy away from gorging on pizzas during her trip to Paris as well as enjoying simple, home-cooked meals during her trips to the char dham destination. Tell us about your favourite meals to enjoy at popular pilgrimage sites and where to find them!