Sara Ali Khan Is ‘In Mood For Good Food’ With This Massive Asian Spread: 5 Asian Recipes To Try
Image Credit: Instagram @saraalikhan | Sara Ali Khan Is ‘In Mood For Good Food’ With This Massive Asian Spread

Actress Sara Ali Khan who was last seen in the critically acclaimed ‘Atrangi Re’, is busy travelling from one destination to another. Only a few days ago, she took a small trip with her friends to Pahalgam, Kashmir, where the gang even cooked some of their own meals by the stream. And now, Sara has landed in London. And within a day, the foodie in her couldn’t resist trying some delish food the city has to offer. For her dinner, Sara chose Asian. Her spread included some chicken tossed with honey and chilly pepper, some steamed bok choy, roasted chicken with veggies, fried rice and dumplings with chilli sauce. Drooling much? Sara also chose and apt gif for the photo, the gif read “in mood for good food”. It is rather typical of Sara to go to different places and try local restaurants and food. London, being one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world, is also renowned for its rich Asian fare.  

Asian cuisine is one of the widest and most versatile cuisines of the world. Also, one of the oldest, Asian cuisine goes back thousands of years in time. From noodles to dumplings to rice to curries, you can find everything in Asia with a regional twist. Here are five of our most favourite Asian dishes you can try making at home.

Crispy Chilly Chicken: You almost saw this coming, didn’t you? One of the most beloved appetisers of the world, here the chicken is cut in small chunks and batter-fried before it is tossed with hot sauce and spices. Hot, crispy and all things irresistible.  

Vietnamese Pho: This soothing and heartwarming soup, is prepared with noodles and refreshing ingredients like coriander leaves, kefir lime. Spring onions and cabbage leaves add a delish crunch, and meat chunks and spices make the soup all things wholesome.

Nasi Goreng: Also, the national dish of Indonesia, Nasi Goreng is a spicy, South-East Asian fried rice cooked with heaps of spices, meat and veggies. What truly impresses us here is the free use of lemongrass and/or kefir lime that brings an inimitable freshness to this loaded rice dish.  

Japanese Ramen: It seems as if the world cannot stop obsessing over ramen, and we are not complaining. Noodles served with an umami broth, fried chicken, lettuce, spring onions, cabbage and carrots. Soothing and crunchy, this ramen is sure to hit the spot.  

Soup Dumplings: The famous Chinese dumpling that is filled with a soupy surprise. That's right, the chicken stock, comes oozing out as soon as you pinch this soft and wobbly dumpling, and not to forget the juicy and tantalising pork making things all the more irresistible.  

How many of these dishes will you try making at home today? Do let us know.a