Sanya Malhotra Relishes Holy Prasad On Her Pilgrim Trip
Image Credit: Sanya Malhotra/Instagram, She is currently on a pilgrim trip with her family.

Sanya Malhotra is currently travelling to Himachal Pradesh with her family on a pilgrimage, where she was seen engaging in some religious activity and reminiscing about the magnificence of Srikhand Mahadev. Her Instagram handle is filled with interesting stories from her current vacation. What caught our eye in these sneak peeks was a video of Sanya posted by her family members that she had reposted on her handle. The Dangal actor was seen relishing prasad from a bowl. Having been surrounded by the elder members of her family, she was seen laughing and chatting with them as the table was laden with bowls filled with ladoos and a puri. The video caption read, "Jo Shadi ka bacha hua hai vo udaane aayi hai @sanyamalhotra."

The family time that the actor was enjoying with her loved ones looked wholesome and heartwarming. However, her love for food is no stranger to us. Don’t you remember the time when she revealed her love for samosas and said that it was "her perpetual state of mind"? She was reading her film script and enjoying these deep-fried snacks.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Sanya Malhotra

It looks like Sanya is an ardent fan of street food too, because she was spotted licking chuski while shooting in Delhi. The ice gola is a summer favourite in the city, and one can find it in every nook and cranny during the season. The yummy chuski comes in various flavours and Sanya was relishing the cola flavour.