‘Sansad Cafeteria' The New Parliament Food Delivery App

The fast-paced digital era has brought about a shift in the way in which people enjoy their favourite meals, and food delivery apps have been at the forefront of this change. These applications provide a streamlined ordering process and make it possible to have a selection of cuisines delivered to your home with just a few taps. Now the members of parliament can order food on the premises too, with an exclusive food delivery app made for parliamentarians. Sansad Cafeteria is an app designed to meet the specific requirements of members and staff during crucial meetings and hectic workdays. This app is designed to make the lives of members of parliament easier by allowing them to place food orders from anywhere in the building and have them brought right to their seats. 

Indian Tourism Development Corporation's (ITDC) Sansad Cafeteria app, which was "soft launched" with Parliament staffers a few weeks ago, will soon be officially launched for all Members of Parliament (MPs), Parliament officers, and staff, providing them with a new and improved Parliament experience, informed two officials familiar with the development. ITDC, a PSU reporting to the union minister of tourism, is responsible for managing the cafeteria in Parliament. 

According to a Parliament official, "the primary objective of the app is to provide this facility to MPs/officers/staff of Parliament, etc. to be able to order and get their choice of food delivered to their desired place or picked-up from a particular ITDC canteen/kitchen within the Parliament." 

As part of its breakfast offerings, the app's menu will feature items such as sandwiches, puri sabzi, poha, and masala dosa, amongst others. In addition to other options, the lunch menu will have mini thalis, dishes such as shahi paneer, chicken curry, kadhi pakoda, and jeera rice. Even though the canteen in the Parliament hasn't been subsidised since 2021, the prices are still quite low; for example, a plate of fish and chips costs a little over 100 rupees, and a dosa costs 30 rupees. According to the officials who were referenced earlier, these costs would also apply to the mobile app. 

"Members of Parliament will be able to use the app (available for both Android and iOS) in such a way that their desired food item can be delivered to their location of choice within the Parliament premises," the official reported to a daily. A seamless live tracking system with a preferred mode of payment is some of its many key features.