Sana Khan Takes A Sip Of Gold-Plated Tea At Burj Khalifa; Netizens Are Amazed
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Sana Khan, who said goodbye to showbiz, is often seen stealing the limelight through her social media posts. The former actress-model is very active on Instagram and gives visual treats to her fans by sharing glimpses of her married life. Sana is in Dubai these days, and from there, she has shared some of her best pictures, in one of which she is seen sipping gold-plated tea at one of the most luxurious restaurants in the world.

Gold-Plated Tea For ₹3,300

Sharing her beautiful pictures from the restaurant, Sana wrote in the caption, ‘Never compare your life with those who enjoy haram things. In this world, they appear more successful, but before Allah, they are nothing, and that is what matters.’ She was enjoying this gold-plated tea in the lounge of Atmosphere - the world’s tallest restaurant. Sana’s 24-carat gold-plated tea costs 160 dirhams (around ₹3,300). Fans are stunned at knowing its whopping price.

The comment section is filled with many such reactions and responses. Her attire and glowing skin make the pictures look even better. A user commented, saying, “Hijab is making you more attractive”, while another wrote, “Will remember me in your prayers too”. Finally, one user said, “MashaAllah! What have you said?”

What is ‘gold tea’?

This is a cup of freshly brewed tea with some saffron strands, thick cream and 24-karat gold flakes on top. Are you thinking the same? Yes, it’s for real! The tea chef added the hot beverage to the restaurant’s menu, and it was served well. Only fresh cow milk is used in the preparation of this tea. So tea lovers, would you take a sip of the kadak gold-plated tea on your next visit to Dubai?