Who says that you can have Italian only when in Italy? Today, we can have whatever cuisine and dish we like, at the tip of our fingers. Globalisation and intermingling of cultures has made it possible to relish the best of cuisines at the comfort of our homes. In fact, people have also developed a liking for certain foreign foods. Take the craze of Chinese food in India as an example. The twist with which we serve our Indianized or desi version of Chinese food is quite impressive. We have even invented dishes under their cuisine that they themselves may not know of. 

Similarly, Italian food has also grown in popularity over the course of time. You will find most cafes serving pizzas and pastas at the top of their menus and well, we aren’t complaining. From the basic red, white and pink sauce pastas, we’ve also moved on to fancier items like bruschetta and risottos. Our tongues started to water when we saw Samiksha Pednekar indulging in an Italian spread too. A lawyer by profession, Samiskha has managed to carve a niche for herself in the industry as a model as well as a social media influencer. 

Well-known as Bhumi Pednekar’s sister, she was spotted enjoyed Italian delicacies with her friends on Sunday. Here is what her spread looked like. 

Source: Samiksha Pednekar/Instagram 

 Source: Samiksha Pednekar/Instagram

Source: Samiksha Pednekar/Instagram 

The first shot is that of small tarts, which looked like the French quiche. They were filled with a moist filling, nuts and a leaf. Next what she was having was a risotto. Risotto, for those untouched by the phenomenon, is a thick and creamy rice dish that is popular in Northern Italy. Finally, the last shot is that of a plate full of ravioli cooked in a thin-gravy and served with a bread on the side. 

This looks like a drool-worthy platter and so we thought why not help you recreate it at home. Here are the recipes that you can try. 

1.  Bacon Potato Quiche 

Stuffed with fried bacon, the quiche comes loaded with mashed potatoes. The quiche has a crusty exterior while the filling is soft and smooth. Add to it some cheese and eggs and it will surely melt in your mouth.

2.  Asparagus Risotto 

The sticky, short-grain rice is cooked in a plant-based broth. The freshness and strong flavour of asparagus brings a distinct taste to the risotto. Add some seasonings to it and you are good to go. 

3.  Baked Ravioli

Ravioli is a kind of pasta that comes shaped like a packet. The packet is filled with cheese, vegetables, minced meat and more and baked along with a tomato sauce.