Sameera Reddy’s Son Becomes ‘Italian Masterchef’ For Little Sister
Image Credit: Instagram @reddysameera

Actress Sameera Reddy maybe on a bit of a sabbatical of sorts from Bollywood, but the actress is quite a sensation on social media. The actress created headlines when she went on record to talk about her condition Alopecia Aereata, in an interview she spoke about how she was diagnosed with the condition in the year 2016, after she discovered 2-inch bald spot at the back of her head. The actress is currently on a vacation with her family in Maldives, where she also encouraged her son to don the chef’s hat. That’s right, Sameera’s little son became chef for a little while, with his own customised chef’s hat, with JW Hotel Masterchef scribbled at the front. With the help of the chefs at the JW Marriott, he cooked a mini pizza too for his little sister. In the stories shared by the actress on her Instagram on Wednesday, we spotted little Hans spreading the thick tomato sauce on the base, and then sprinkling some cheese of the top. He was being helped by the senior chefs of the hotel, and when the pizza was ready, he happily took it to his sister Nyra, much to the delight of proud mommy Sameera, who captured the moment on her camera.  

Making pizza, is in fact, one of the easiest things that can actually help serve as a good bonding activity between you and your children too. All you need to do is fix a decent base, and let your child play with the sauces, smears, cheese and toppings.

Here are some pizza ideas you can try at home

Paneer Tikka Pizza

Baking pizza, make it desi. Toss in the smoky and creamy paneer tikka on the toppings and enjoy the fusion dish with your family, in the comfort of your own home.

Cheesy Potato Pizza

Kids love cheese, so while making your pizza you cannot be stingy with cheese. This easy-peasy recipe is filled with goodness of cheese, potatoes, tomatoes and mixed herbs. You will love every bit of this.  

Butter Chicken Pizza

Everybody loves butter chicken, and they will love it on top of a pizza base too. This pizza is juicy, spicy, tangy and just all things irresistible and desi.  


Try these pizzas and let us know which ones you liked the best.