Rose Tea Recipe: Are There Any Benefits Of Drinking It?
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Beautiful roses attract everyone! They are the best if you want to express your love or affection towards someone! But are you aware of tea made of roses? Have you ever consumed it? If not, let us tell you that rose tea is effortless to make, proving very beneficial for health. This tea is rich in antioxidants which can prove effective in improving digestion. Apart from this, rose tea is also helpful in controlling weight. So, let's know how to prepare rose tea and the benefits of drinking it?

How to Prepare Rose Tea?

  1. To prepare the tea, clean the dried rose petals in water thoroughly. 
  2. Now put 3 cups of water in a pan. After this, put these petals in water and boil them for 5 minutes.
  3. Now filter the water in a cup. To improve the flavour, you can add one teaspoon of honey.
  4. Apart from this, you can also use cinnamon and ginger in it. 
  5. To reduce weight fast, consume rose tea two times a day.

5 health benefits of consuming rose tea

  • Beneficial for skin: Rose tea is rich in antiseptic properties. It removes spots, and its consumption overcomes the problem of pimples on your face. In addition, the rose's effect is excellent, which helps you bring a glow to your skin.
  • Improves digestion: Tea made from rose petals is an excellent herbal tea, which is best for digestion. Consuming this tea two times a day strengthens your digestive power and eliminates stomach problems.
  • Removes toxin: Rose helps increase diuretic properties. It removes the infection present in the body through the urinary tract. Toxins present in the body are excreted by the consumption of tea daily.
  • Decreases weight: Tea made from rose flowers is rich in medicinal properties. The laxative and diuretic properties improve your metabolism and help you lose weight fast.
  • Reduces inflammation: Rose is rich in antioxidant properties. It is also found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which remove inflammation in the body.