Rose Falooda To Rasmalai: 6 Refreshing Indian Desserts
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Summer has officially arrived and now is the perfect time to try different types of hydrating foods. The culinary landscape of India is so vast and diverse that there are numerous sweet and savoury dishes for every season. To beat the heat, one can choose their favourite dishes from a myriad of summer special dishes from different cuisines in India.

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Well, who doesn't like having some dessert after their meal? But having some warm gulab jamuns or jalebi might burn one's mouth, especially during sweaty summer days. During this time, a cold dessert provides the utmost relief to the soul and also instantly satisfies one's sweet cravings. Here are some summer-friendly Indian desserts that can be easily incorporated into your meals whenever you want to eat something sweet yet refreshing.

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* Rose Falooda

Rose falooda is a quintessential Indian dessert that is found being sold on the street-side during the summer. It is a dessert that most people must have tried at least once in their lives. This indulgent dessert is a mixture of a thick milkshake that has floral flavours of rose, vermicelli, ice cream, dry fruits, and a lot of cherries. It is served extremely chilled and is not only delicious but also extremely refreshing. Although it is a dessert because it is made from so many different types of ingredients, it is extremely fulfilling as well.

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* Mango Kulfi

Kulfi is another famous Indian dessert that is available in a lot of different flavours. During the summer, it is a must to have a mango kulfi that has a creamy texture and the freshness of mangoes. Mangoes, which are a staple in India during the summer, are used to make different types of desserts. However, mango kulfi can be a great relief on extremely hot days when one wants to eat a cool dessert that is not too hard to eat. Kulfi is generally made with condensed milk so that it has a thick texture and gets settled easily.

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* Rasagulla

Rasagulla is an extremely popular Indian dessert that is famous in West Bengal, Odisha, and Bihar. It is generally made from cottage cheese and dipped in a cold sugar syrup. The taste of this dessert is extremely fresh and divine. It is made by making cottage cheese at home with the help of fresh milk and putting some vinegar or lime juice in it.

As soon as the milk starts curdling, the solid part is separated from the liquid with the help of a muslin cloth. Small chenna balls are made from the solid, separated part. These balls are then immersed in a cold sugar syrup until they properly absorb the syrup. It is light and extremely tempting.

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* Shrikhand

Shrikhand is a dessert that is popular in many parts of India because it is so light and tempting. It is very easy to make this dessert and one can make it at home as well. This is made from yoghurt that is infused with the flavours of saffron and cardamom. One can also put a lot of different types of summer fruits and dry fruits on top to make it even more appetising. Shrikhand is made from only the creamy part of the curd by separating the liquid part with the help of a muslin cloth. This is the reason why the texture of this dessert is extremely creamy and divine.

* Rasmalai

Rasmalai is a classic Indian dessert that is creamy, flavourful, and very light. This dessert consists of saffron-flavoured milk and small chenna balls. The chenna balls are made by infusing lemon juice in high-fat milk and adding ingredients like saffron, cardamom, and a little bit of sugar.

As soon as the milk starts solidifying, the solid part is separated with the help of a cotton or muslin cloth. With the help of the solid part, small balls are made that are immersed in the saffron-infused milk. The milk that is used in ras malai is also thickened before being used. 

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* Strawberry Kheer

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with conventional ingredients to make something fruity and fresh. Most Indians must have enjoyed the conventional kheer. But during the summer, one can give the regular kheer an extra kick by adding the flavour of strawberry.

To make this kheer, one has to boil some milk and add pre-boiled rice to the milk. Now in the milk, one can add sugar, diced strawberries, and some cardamon. One should let the mixture cook until all the ingredients are mixed properly on a low flame. Now the kheer must be kept in the refrigerator for some time until it becomes chilled.