Beat The Heat With These 7 Indian Summer Delights

Summer desserts are refreshing foods that are especially loved in the sweltering heat. They are made in ways that provide cooling respite, such as chilled puddings, ice creams, and kulfi (Indian ice cream), and frequently incorporate seasonal fruits like mangoes, lychees, and watermelon. Summer desserts are important because they offer a cool, refreshing, and sugary treat that helps battle the heat, hydrates the body, and satisfies cravings in a way that's appropriate for the season. In the hot summer months, they are an integral element of Indian cuisine.

Here are some summer desserts from India:

1. Rose Falooda: 

This Indian pleasantry is fused with a characteristic flavour, feel and style. The icy dessert is made with vermicelli noodles, milk, ice cream, basil seeds (sabja), and rose syrup. The texture is a smooth meal with ice cream, and the pudding itself has a pleasant chewiness from the vermicelli and basil seeds. The palate is heavenly, mellow, and fresh, with a touch of rosy sweetness and aroma from the rose syrup. The cold and relaxed portrayal of the rose falooda makes it a summer’s dessert that is meant to be eaten while the hottest season is occurring.

Video Credit: YouTube/ Vismai Food

2. Mango Kulfi: 

From sweet mango to Alfonso mango, the Indian-frozen mango dessert kulfi is cherished for its taste, consistency, creaminess and scrumptious flavour. The spices of cardamom and saffron are used to flavour and aromatise the thickened milk, sugar and mango puree mixture for additional flavour and aroma. The mango kulfi has a thicker and overpowering sweetness with the tangy mango zest. The taste is like ice cream, with a more intense consistency. It is creamy and velvety in texture and ideal for summer.

3. Shrikhand: 

An Indian dessert named shrikhand is generally prepared incorporating sugar and strained yoghurt, mixed with cardamom and saffron, and sometimes pistachios or almonds are used as garnishing. This is a yoghurt type with the same consistency as Greek yoghurt but thicker and sweeter. It has a very constant texture, well-balanced flavours, and a creamy, flowy texture. Shrikhand is so popular that the sweetness of yoghurt combined with the fragrance of spices and a touch of sourness adds a unique flavour. It is served cold and thus becomes a perfect summer treat when needed in hot weather.

4. Misti Doi: 

The Bengali dessert 'misti doi' is famous not only for its sour taste but also for its light sweetness, which makes it an unmatchable dessert. Moreover, it is just perfect because of its airy and creamy texture. This is made from cooked milk that has been fermented and sweetened, and the sugar, which has gone through caramelisation, adds to its silky texture. It tastes perfectly blended between sweetness and sourness so that it is fine and refreshing, a core requirement of any dish on a hot day. Since it is chilled, unlike other traditional desserts, misti doi is a delectable dish for the entire summer season in India. It gives the body a cool treat to beat the heat.

5. Rabri: 

The recipe for Rabri, a traditional Indian dessert that is prepared by boiling milk to achieve a syrup-like consistency, is also among the scrumptious dishes to enjoy. In the next stage, sugar is added to it to sweeten the taste, and sometimes, cardamom, saffron, and occasionally nuts like pistachios or almonds are added to it for flavour. The presence of milk lends it a moderately thick and velvety creaminess and the aromatic spices give it a very slight candy-like flavour. It is served cold, which makes it a summer dessert during hot seasons. It indeed is the most enjoyable and thirst-quenching dessert to overcome the hot and humid weather.

6. Basundi: 

A timeless Indian dessert by the name Basundi is prepared with the inclusion of cardamom and sugar and gradual thickening of the milk. Pistachios and almonds are usual networking features. The balance between the sugar sweetness and cinnamon-like warmth of cardamom could be the key to its velvety texture and rich flavour. Thinning consistency is a feature, and the texture is as smooth as that of condensed milk. Being able to be served both chilled and at an adequate temperature, basundi enjoys the status of a summer dessert in India. This is attributed to the fact that it can be served during the summer.

7. Phirni: 

The phirni is a famous and colourful Indian pudding made from rice, which is especially liked during the summer period. This custard-like dessert is rich and tastes absolutely decadent, yet has a texture that is creamy and smooth in the same way. Cardamom and saffron act as unique attributes that also provide a delightful aroma and a light floral feeling to the smooth flavour of phirni. It's a cold-served dessert that melts in the mouth. The cool temperature for serving, aromatic taste, and creamy texture are quite common features of phirni, which is one of the most famous summer desserts in Indian cuisine.

8. Rasmalai: 

Rasmalai is one of the royal desserts in the Indian sweet range. It is prepared by soaking the cheese-like paneer in rich, sweetened milk. The ingredients include pistachio, cardamom and saffron flavours. In this unique kind of recipe, the bouncy and delicate paneer spheres soak up the sweet milk mixture, creating a smooth, creamy consistency. The saffron and cardamom add a floral and aromatic flavour, garnished with some dry fruits. Rasmalai is one of the sweets that challenge Indian dessert lovers to choose summer as it keeps them hydrating and cool, giving the person eating pleasure and a refreshing feel during the hot summer months.