Rolling Pins, Kadai And Chimta: Stories Behind Evolution of These 3 Utensils From Kitchens of India
Image Credit: Kitchen utensils (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Today, you peep into anyone’s kitchen, and you will see a variety of smartly designed utensils kept in contemporary style cabinets. There is an elaborate set of kitchen tools we possess that has greatly reduced the work involved in the kitchen. Don’t you agree? If not, imagine the stone age when our ancestors were using chopper for extracting meat and harpoons, a spear-like tool to kill aquatic animals like tuna, swordfish etc., a cleaver for crushing and cutting vegetables, soft bones and meat, and stones for grinding instead of mixer grinders. Will you be able to prepare an everyday meal using these kitchen tools? We believe your answer is no. 

Today, we will take a moment to thank all culinary advancements and an array of simple utensils available. No wonder these have led to an efficient and smooth kitchen experience. In addition, let’s dive into how some of the commonly used kitchen tools have evolved overtime.  

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

Kitchens around the world have been evolved over the years and so have kitchen tools. If reading this article reminds you of an interesting story behind the history of any particular kitchen utensil, cook it fresh with us.