Riyawan Garlic From Ratlam Awarded GI Tag

The aromatic and flavourful Riyawan garlic has been awarded the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) tag on March 2, 2024. Being in high demand all over the country, this garlic is cultivated in Riyawan village in Jaora tehsil of Ratlam district, Madhya Pradesh.   

As per the report, this achievement is a result of the continuous efforts made by MLA Rajendra Pandey and was supported by various government bodies including the Department of Horticulture and Food Processing. This milestone will not only give recognition to the unique quality of Riyawan garlic but also open gates for its international market presence. 

Renowned for its robust flavour and high oil content as compared to the other varieties, each bulb of Riyawan garlic consists of five to six cloves that are known to possess pungent taste and medicinal value. This amazing variety of garlic has been cultivated in the Riyawan village for over twenty years and the farmers from other villages are also taking the seeds and getting a good yield.  

The farming of this garlic is done on 200 hectares in Riyawan village and 1300 hectares in other villages.  Over 700 farmers are into its production. They have also formed Riyavan Farm Fresh Producer Company, through which they can conduct activities of seeds, medicines, guidance and marketing. Apart from adding a unique aroma and taste to the curries and other savoury dishes, Riyawan garlic is best used for lehsun achaar and chutney. 

Due to high storage capacity, Riyawan garlic can be kept for a longer time. Produced using traditional methods, the GI tag not only acknowledges the unique quality of this garlic but also builds a reputation on a global level indirectly contributing to improved economic prospects for local farmers.   

The report further states that the journey to obtain the GI tag for this garlic commenced in January 2022 when the Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) and Riyawan Farm Fresh Producer Company along with the support of the horticulture department and the Madhya Pradesh government, initiated its registration process in Chennai. The credit of this historic achievement is also given to Padma Shri Dr Rajnikanth for his technical advice.