Right Ways to Reheat Leftovers Without Compromising on Nutritional Values
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Firstly, we do not recommend having reheated foods as it has various side-effects. However, if you really need to, you must look for safer ways to reheat the leftovers otherwise, you may end up extending the list of debilitating effects including food poisoning. We understand that sometimes, leftover foods act as a saviour when it comes to controlling sudden hunger pangs. Reheating food saves time and helps satisfy your stomach instantly. If you face time constraints and feel like reheating food is the only and most sustainable option for you, be aware of certain golden rules of reheating food as doing it the other way may make your food completely lose nutritional value and turn harmful.

Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

A freshly cooked meal needs at least 3 hours to cool properly and reach room temperature only after which you can keep it in a refrigerator. This will allow you to retain food’s nutritional value. Take out the food at least 30 minutes before you would like to have it. This gap is required for the food to again reach room temperature after which you can reheat it. 

Follow 2-Minutes Rule

Reheating food for just 30 seconds or one minute may lead to the development of bacteria on them. That’s why you are suggested to at least reheat it for 2 minutes at a high temperature. USDA recommends reheating at 165°F (73.8°C) as this helps ensure the killing of any germs present.

Let Curry Reach The Boiling Point

When reheating curry dishes, it is important to bring them to a boil. Notably, contact with moisture in the air may cause the development of pathogens, and boiling the curry reduces your chances of being affected by food poisoning.

Reheat Just Once

Many people have a habit of eating only leftover foods. They always end up cooking extra and then refrigerate the food for the next meal or the other day. Firstly, this is not a healthy habit to follow. Secondly, if you do this, make sure you do not reheat the leftovers more than once as doing so can affect their nutritional value significantly. Reheating multiple times can cause food poisoning.