In today’s time, whether you are a cocktail lover, alcohol connoisseur, or someone who occasionally likes to have a drink with family and friends, almost everyone has a few bottles of tequila or gin at home. Also, accept it or not, we all tend to forget about that one bottle of liquor tucked away somewhere in the house. If you think, you can use that on some rare occasion; you must know that not all liquor can continue for a long time. Some have a short shelf life which you can increase by storing them properly. Here are a few tips for storing liquor at home.  

Keep Them Out of Direct Sunlight 

Before keeping your spirits on a shelf, make sure the area doesn’t receive direct sunlight. Exposing alcohol to the sun can damage it over time. Sunlight can also change its colour. Extended exposure to sunlight can speed up the oxidation process in the alcohol and that’s what changes the colour of the liquor. 

Store in Reasonably Cool Temperature

To keep your liquors at their most pristine, you should store them at cool temperature. This way, you will be able to preserve them for a longer time without letting their taste and colour be affected. Keeping alcohol in a relatively warmer place can lead to oxidation.  

Finish Your Wine or Spirits in One sitting

Unopened liquors can last longer than the opened ones. For example, beer can lose its taste, texture, and fizz if you store it after opening the bottle. That’s why you must have it in one go.

Some Important Tips: 

  1. Always try to consume champagne in one go. If that’s not possible, re-cork it and keep it in the refrigerator.  
  2. After opening a wine bottle, use them as soon as possible. Else, keep sideways to prevent air from seeping in. 
  3. Wine should be store in a place with at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.