Green Tea To Coffee: What’s The Right Time To Drink These Beverages?
Image Credit: Right Time To Drink Beverages

Almost everyone is used to having tea or coffee at least twice a day. But is it ideal for consumption? What are the benefits of having it? And when is the best time for you to have tea or coffee? We are here to tell you the benefits of having tea, coffee, green tea and the best time to consume them. So drink your favourite beverages at the correct hour to feel healthy and energetic throughout the day.

What is the best time to sip coffee?

When to have coffee? It is a huge question. People consume coffee whenever they feel like having it; however, you should not do this. According to experts, you should train your mind as per your eating and drinking timings.

  1. Coffee contains caffeine which gives you energy, so if you are working, then you should drink coffee during the day between breakfast and lunch. The caffeine will remain in your body until almost 5 in the evening, and you will not feel sluggish while working.
  2. If you are a housewife, drink coffee before lunch and evening snacks.

You should take coffee 40 minutes before any meal to make your body healthier.

What is the right time to drink tea?

Many people debate whether they should have tea in the morning or not. However, there is no harm in sipping your bed tea, as various fitness experts agree to it. You can drink your regular milk tea made to charge your body. But first, you should drink water in the morning, then have tea. This is because when you wake up in the morning, your body gets refreshingly hydrated as soon as you drink water.

When to consume green tea?

Green tea is abundant in antioxidants, and it would be best if you have it in the evening. Green tea gives energy to your body, brings a glow to your skin. If you consume green tea in the evening or an hour before leaving the office, then you will not feel exhausted when you reach home.