Ridge Gourd Recipe: 5 Easy And Tasty Turai Recipes To Try

There is a common conception among people that gourds, of all kinds are bland and tasteless. And this is not entirely false. We are talking about ridge gourd that not just children but also adults don’t like much. But this may come as a shock to you that this simple veggie is loaded with essential minerals and vitamins. Also known as turai, this dark green vegetable is well known for balancing the three doshas or biological energies found throughout the human body. 

Also known for its cooling properties, ridge gourd is rich in several nutrients and minerals like vitamin C, zinc, riboflavin as well as several antioxidants. Most importantly, this bland vegetable could be transformed into so many delicious. Since this vegetable is simple and bland, it works like a white canvas where we can play around a lot of flavours. Want to know 5 easy and tasty turai recipes? Here you go! 

Turai Pakoda 

If you love pakodas, it is essential for you to try scrumptious turai pakodas. These pakodas are not regular like those onion and potato ones but surely something that can amaze your taste buds. The flavour of turai perfectly complements the flavour of spiced besan. Not just it is perfect for the monsoon but also something that your kids will surely love. 

Turai Raita 

Is there anything better than a soothing bowl of raita? Not just a bowl of raita helps you refresh and relax; it also provides the right amount of nutrients to the body. Among the so many raitas that you may have had, did you ever get a chance to turai raita? To make this raita, you need to boil sliced turai and add it to whisked curd along with spices and herbs. 

Video credits: Cook With Upasana/YouTube

Turai Ki Sabji 

This basic sabji can be the fiber-rich meal you were looking for. Turai is a common vegetable in Northern part of Indian and thus, cooked in so many ways especially this sabji. Made with plethora of spices like cumin powder, mango powder and asafetida, this dish is super easy and super healthy. It goes well with hot pipping rice and fresh chapati. 

Turai Chutney 

If your meal is incomplete without a spoonful of chutney, you must get your hands on the unique and delicious turai chutney. With a mild sour taste, this chutney can tingle your taste buds and goes well with chapati, rice, dosa, idli and what not? It is super easy to make and when made with a hint of whole red chilies, it gets even tastier and spicier. 

Turai Dal 

Dals are an essential part of every Indian thali. All lentils are power packed with fiber, protein and minerals like calcium, fiber, magnesium as well as phosphorus. Have you ever tried turai dal? The nutritional value of this dal is even higher which makes it perfect for adults as well as kids. Also known as Turia Mag Ni Dal, this dal is famous in Gujarati cuisine and could be made quickly. 

Have you ever tried these dishes before? Do let us know!