Rewatching Drama Films? Make These 5 Themed Desserts

Human lives revolve around hundreds of emotions. The feeling of holding hands for the first time, the sadness around losing someone close, the anxiousness behind an impending result, the happiness from eating a molten chocolate cake, and so on. To experience all these emotions from another perspective is what drama films are all about.

If you love to get lost in introspecting yourself while looking at deep-seated emotions in drama films, making some themed desserts to make your experience richer would be the right way to rewatch. So, whenever you plan your next movie night, before inviting your friends over, make some desserts inspired by iconic drama movies and let the feelings sink in while indulging in something sweet.

All The Bright Places: Rose Chocolate

All the Bright Places is a classic drama based on a novel that depicts the beauty of life, touching sensitive issues like mental health, self-love, and even death. Just the movie encourages people to live through every phase of life; a dessert made with flowers will depict it the best. So, munching on a chocolate bar made with rose petals will be perfect while rewatching the movie.

Pride And Prejudice: Ancient Tea Cake

Pride and Prejudice is a timeless drama written by Jane Austin. If you are a fan of old-world romance, rewatching Pride and Prejudice with some tea cakes would be just perfect for you. To make your experience even better, you can pair the bite-sized treats with English tea and finger sandwiches. You can also ice the teacakes with floral frosting to give it a classy touch and make your movie night a hit.

The Notebook: Rainbow Cake Pops

The Notebook is a heart-wrenching story that’ll make you believe in true love. To celebrate the eternal love of Noah and Allie, you can make cake pops and decorate them in a rainbow theme. The many colours will represent the different shades of love and loss in a story. So, you can make themed cake pops with crumbled chocolate cake dipped in vanilla cream with a lot of colours.

The Titanic: Blueberry Pie

There would hardly be a person who would not have appreciated the tragic story of The Titanic. If you loved the film and are planning to rewatch the heart-melting love story, you should elevate the experience of your movie night with a blueberry pie representing the depths of the ocean. Featuring a crispy crust and the flavourful blueberry filling, you and your friends can dig into the pie and have an enriching experience.

Eat Pray Love: Fruit Popsicles

Eat Pray Love is a story about a woman who is on a journey to discover her true self. Filled with arrays of emotions and finally achieving inner peace, you can celebrate by accepting your inner child with some fruit popsicles. By blending your favourite fruit with a little sugar, water, and lemon juice, you can freeze the mixture to make the frozen treats. You and your friends can go down the memory lane with Eat Pray Love and fruit popsicles.