Reviving Secrets From The Tribal Kitchens Of Jharkhand
Image Credit: Tribal Kitchens Of Jharkhand

Nevertheless, these cuisines form the core of their tribal identity and is essential for maintaining and preserving the same. In an effort to bring out the culinary secrets of one such tribal cuisine, we take you through the kitchens of the Jharkhand tribes to catch a glimpse of the delicacies you can try.  

1. Pittha


A delicious dessert that is enjoyed by neighboring states like West Bengal too, Pittha is a combination of boiled lentils, aloo chokha and khoya, giving it a different taste. Potato in a dessert, sounds interesting right?  

2. Chilka Roti  

This is eaten like roti and looks like a dosa but tastes like Chilka (a unique taste). Made from rice flour and besan, Chilka Roti is served with chana dal chutney. It is also relished with mutton curry or oal (yam). It is often prepared for festive occasions.  

3. Dhuska  

This is a breakfast staple in Jharkhand households. Somewhere between a poori and a pakora, this dish made from rice and lentils that are rolled into circular chapatis and fried. The accompaniment for this is a chickpea curry called Ghugni.  

4. Handia  

Handia is a low-content alcoholic beverage made after fermenting boiled rice with ranu tablet for a week. The end result is a delicious rice beer made of several herbs.  

5. Millet Momos


Replacing wheat or maida with millet, these healthy millet momos can only be found in Jharkhand. They are made from madua or finger millet and are popular in the region.