Revamped Fast Food: 7 Healthy Late-Night Options To Savour
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When choosing between boring salads and tantalising fast foods, the mind is always tempted to choose the latter. And why not? The satisfaction level of munching on those crispy and delightful snacks is unmatched by anything else. If eating fast foods wasn't considered unhealthy, everyone would have chosen to eat the same in their daily diets.

The paradox of life lies in that what is most delectable is often the most detrimental to health. Fast foods might be tempting, but their high fat and sodium content make them extremely unhealthy. But did you know that you can make fast foods healthy by converting these qualities?

Thanks to conventional cooking methods like air frying and baking, now you can make fried foods with zero oil. Also when you switch ingredients and cooking methods to healthy options, you can transform these guilty pleasures to healthy satisfaction.

Read on below to learn some interesting hacks to prepare healthy fast foods for late-night satisfaction.

7 Healthy Twists To Fast Foods You Should Try For Late-Night Satisfaction

1) Semolina Samosa

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Samosa made with semolina dough instead of all-purpose flour gives this well-liked snack a healthy twist. Semolina is better than whole wheat flour, as it enhances the flavour profile, and the texture turns delightfully crispy when air-fried.

2) Vegetable Tikki

Vegetable tikki is a perfect combination of veggies and spices, all composed within bite-sized croquettes. The best part about this is that you can make burgers, vada pav, and tacos to savour it in many ways. Just make sure to use whole-grain bread buns to make yourself a healthy treat.

3) Whole Grain Sandwich

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Sandwiches have always been a favourite quick breakfast or lunch meal, and you can also make it for late-night hunger by using whole-grain bread. Since traditional sandwiches contain all-purpose flour bread, you can enhance its health profile with whole grain bread and healthy ingredients.

4) Wheat Burrito

Encasing wholesome veggies and seasonings wrapped in layers of sauces, the burrito is a quick gratification to hunger. You can make a quick burrito with leftover rotis and use up all the veggies kept in your stock. Make a quick stir fry, wrap it with roti, and air fry till it turns golden, and you're done!

5) No-Oil Fries

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No one can say no to crispy potato fries drizzled with salt and seasonings. These fries are more than just a companion to your burgers and sandwiches, they can be a delightful escape from thoughts of food in mind when hunger calls. You can turn this snack into a healthy treat by air frying or baking instead of deep frying.

6) Air Fried Onion Rings

It’s always a pleasure to find some onion rings in the box of nuggets. It's even more delightful when you know you can have an unlimited amount of onion rings when you make them at home. And as a plus, you can healthily make them by trying different air fryer recipes.

7) Oats Pancake

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For the cravings of something sweet, pancakes offer a heavenly pleasure. It turns exceptionally satisfying with the warmth of oats. For making oats pancakes, you only need to grind rolled oats to make flour and use it instead of regular pancake mix.

Eating fast foods can also be a healthy satisfaction when you use the right methods and ingredients. All of these healthy fast foods are easy to make and come out in minutes when you're hungry late at night.