Revamp Your Appetizers Game With These 5 Dhokla Recipes

While talking about some of the delicious and popular dishes of Gujarati cuisine, we can't help but mention Khaman Dhokla. The soft and fluffy gram flour steamed cakes are loved and relished by people in most parts of India. Easy to make, healthy and delicious, Dhoklas have gained popularity since their inception. We know you are pondering over the two words aforementioned- ‘Dhokla’ and ‘Khaman Dhokla’. The difference between both the dishes is the ingredients used to make the batters. While Khaman Dhokla is primarily made from chickpea flour, Dhokla is made with rice flour and is white. Due to the easy process and staple ingredients, Khaman Dhokla is widely popular in many parts of the country. Although Dhokla is relished in all its glory, one cannot help but notice the emergence of the numerous varieties of Dhoklas in recent times. The changing dietary preferences are the reasons for this emergence and popularity. We know it's not even Wednesday but you are already contemplating Friday. So, here are five delicious Dhokla recipes that you can try for your weekend munching and weekday breakfast as well. Check them out and how you like them. 

Beetroot Rava Dhokla

Filled with the goodness of beetroot and semolina, Beetroot Rava Dhokla is enough to tantalize your taste buds. The addition of Rava cuts down the long fermentation process and adds nutrition. The beetroot not only gives the Dhokla a tempting pink colour but also adds nutrition to it. 

Moong Dal Dhokla 

Undoubtedly, Moong Dal is one of the healthiest Dals existing. Zinging to the flavour and nutrition of Moong Dal, this Dhokla recipe is your go-to breakfast option on weekdays. 

Corn Dhokla 

When we say this Dhokla recipe is filled with the goodness of corn, we mean it. Not only made with maize flour but this Dhokla also has corn kernels added to the batter. 

Buckwheat Dhokla 

Needless to say, buckwheat is the perfect ingredient for you if you want to savour a high-protein meal. You can prepare the batter for this Dhokla the night before and all you have to do the next morning is to steam it to make scrumptious Dhoklas. 

Bread Dhokla

When it comes to a quick breakfast, bread is our go-to ingredient. And how about giving bread an Indian twist with this Bread Dhokla recipe?

We hope we have made it easy for you to nail a quick and healthy breakfast and appetizer dish. Try these Dhokla recipes at home and relish the flavours of Gujarat but with a twist.