Restaurants That Serve The Best Authentic Thukpa In Delhi NCR
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Thukpa is a Tibetan noodle soup that comes from Tibet's eastern region. Amdo thukpa (particularly thenthuk) is a well-known variety among Indians (particularly Ladakhis and Sikkimis), Tibetans, and Nepalese. Thukpa is a "generic Tibetan name for any soup or stew with noodles". Thukpa has a fascinating history of how it came to India. In 1959, the Dalai Lama was forced to flee Tibet and seek shelter in India. His teachers, members of the Kashag (ruling council of Tibet during the Qing dynasty and post-Qing period till the 1950s), and family members who accompanied him were urged not to bring anything with them. His mother had to dress like a guy and only had a woollen blanket and a small Tsampa with her (Tibetan staple foodstuff prepared by roasting barley or wheat flour which is later mixed with Tibetan butter tea). Tsampa and Thukpa were their only sources of food throughout the expedition. The Dalai Lama's mother introduced Thukpa to the Indian refugee community while he was in exile. It quickly became a popular and essential food that expanded throughout India. Thukpa is extremely popular in the Northeast, particularly in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, as well as Darjeeling, West Bengal. It is an important part of the Monpa community's cuisine in Arunachal Pradesh's West Kameng area. Putang Thukpa is one of the most popular thukpa kinds among Monpa people.


Here is the list of restaurants serving authentic Thukpa in Delhi

Yo Tibet

This little restaurant near Humayun Pur serves the best authentic Thukpa that will not break your bank. It has a cosy ambience and the food is mouth-wateringly delicious. The staff is very warm and welcoming. Vegetable/ chicken thukpa with stir-fried veggies is a must-have.

Price for two- 500

Momo Mia

Momo Mia is a food stall in Dilli Haat, INA. This quick bite restaurant, which serves a variety of Chinese and Tibetan cuisine delicacies, satisfies your appetite with delectable food at a reasonable price. The thukpa is served with lots of vegetables and authentic spices. After shopping, try their thukpa and momos and have a comforting shopping experience.

Price for two- 300


Pema's is a homely food joint in Malviya Nagar. It's no surprise that Pema's is the cosiest restaurant given the love and passion that the owners Mickey and Pema put into their original Himalayan meals by personally overseeing the kitchen. They've received numerous awards and praises for their succulent, mouth-watering momos, out-of-this-world sauce, and delectable thukpa. This place is widely popular for its Himalayan cuisine and warm ambience.

Price for two- 500


Nimtho is a cosy restaurant which is located at Great Kailash. Nimtho is a breath of fresh mountain air in Delhi's north-eastern dining scene, serving traditional Sikkimese cuisines. The meal is comforting since it is not spicy, the chefs are from Sikkim, and the owner, a biotechnologist turned entrepreneur, ensures that the ingredients are as organic as possible. Though the indoor area is well done and resembles a warm house, the restaurant is extended across two levels. The pork thukpa served is worth trying.

Price for two- 700

Cafe Lungta

This Tibetan kitchen located in Gurugram is a classy Tibetan restaurant. Their vegetable and pork thukpa is very popular. The vegetables are simmered in a thick broth and you can feel different flavours in each sip.

Price for two- 800