4 Restaurants Redefining The Bengali Cuisine In Delhi
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India is a diverse nation with numerous cultures. People migrate from various states due to their work and studies. But while shifting and leaving their homeland, one misses their culture and cuisine. Delhi, the country's capital, is also full of emigres from different states. Most Bengali people (living in this city) do not find tasty Bengali food here. They often miss their authentic rasgulla to shukto and machher jhol. However, you need not compromise with your taste buds, as multiple Delhi restaurants serve good Bengali food. So today, with this article, let us tell you about five restaurants in Delhi, where you can taste authentic Bengali cuisine.

Bijoli Grill

Bijoli Grill has four outlets across the city. The prices here are pretty reasonable, and you will get many Bengali options for food as well. For example, the daab chingri (prawns cooked in coconut) and posto (potatoes cooked in poppy seeds) from Bijoli Grill are unmatchable. The speciality of this outlet is that apart from the regular Bengali fish and vegetarian dishes, this place serves homecooked dishes such as muitha and jhal.

  • Price for two: INR 800
  • Location: 3, Banga Bhawan, Hailey Road, Mandi House, Vakil Lane, Hamdard Nagar, Connaught Place, Delhi

Kolkata Biryani House

When it comes to biryani, people usually talk about the biryani of Lucknow and Hyderabad. But have you ever tasted the biryani of Kolkata? It is quite different. Kolkata Biryani House in Chittaranjan Park serves the most authentic Kolkata Biryani of West Bengal. Here the well-cooked mutton and chicken biryanis are sure to make every Bengali foodie go crazy.

  • Price for two: INR 500
  • Location: Block C, Market No 1, Shop No. 49, Chittaranjan Park, Delhi

Oh! Calcutta

Do you want to enjoy the best of Kolkata food while in the capital? Then it would be best if you visited this restaurant. Oh! Calcutta serves authentic Bengali food and has several outlets in Delhi-NCR. Here, you can enjoy the trendy Bengali cuisine, from kosha mangsho, tomato-jaggery chutney, and mustard cooked fish and prawns.

  • Price for two: INR 1500
  • Location: Plot 4, Greater Kailash II, Local Shopping Centre Masjid Moth, Delhi

Hi Kolkata

This restaurant exclusively serves delicious Bengali dishes. Their ilish biryani and begun ilish will remind you of your mother's recipe, the one she used to make during rainy days. If you do not want to miss out on your Bengali food while in Delhi, you must visit Hi Kolkata.

  • Price for two: INR 1000
  • Location: Block P, Near India's Medical Council, Raj Nagar II Extension, Dwarka

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