Restaurants In Mcleodganj Serving The Best Tibetan Delicacies
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Tibetan cuisine includes the country's culinary traditions and practices, as well as its people. The cuisine is influenced by neighbours and reflects the Tibetan landscape of mountains and plateaus (including India and Nepal where many Tibetans abide). Noodles, goat, yak, mutton, dumplings, cheese (typically made from yak or goat milk), butter, yoghurt (also made from animals acclimated to the Tibetan environment), and soups are also popular dishes. Barley is the most important crop. Flour milled from roasted barley called tsampa and Sha phaley (meat and cabbage in bread), is the staple food of Tibet. Breakfast and lunch are served with balep, a Tibetan bread. Balep bread and fried pies of various varieties are enjoyed by most Tibetan families. Thukpa is a staple dinner made up of veggies, meat, and various shaped noodles in a broth. In contrast to other Himalayan cuisines, Tibetan cuisine is traditionally served with bamboo chopsticks. Mustard seeds are grown and used extensively in the cuisine.


Here is the list of restaurants in Mcleodganj that serve the best Tibetan dishes-

Shangrila vegetarian restaurant

It's a vegetarian restaurant in Mcleodganj that serves Tibetan staples prepared with fresh ingredients at a reasonable price. Volunteer monks from Gyudmed monastery provide the services, making this lively restaurant a special spot to satisfy your daily needs.

Price for two- 250


This cosy restaurant in Mcleodganj serves traditional Tibetan cuisine prepared in an authentic manner, and it's a must-visit for spice lovers. The most popular dish is thukpa, but don't forget to get a plate of chicken momos, as they are known for having the best in the town. International tourists frequent the area, however, the 15-20 minute wait is well worth it for the freshly cooked momos served with a spicy dip.

Price for two- 300

Tibet Kitchen

Tibet Kitchen in Mcleodganj is known for its range of cuisines, including kewa datse, a spicy Bhutanese meal made with potatoes, beans, and chilli, and shapta, a local dish made with roasted lamb slices, capsicum, and onion. They don't have a fancy setting and are located on Jogiwara road, yet you'll witness a lot of foodies enjoying their delectable meals here. It is one of Mcleodganj's most well-known eateries.

Price for two- 600

Tibetan Tea House

This small tea cafe in Mcleodganj is perfect for evening tea time. Tibetan butter tea served here is warm and provides comfort during the chilly weather. This place also serves Tibetan thali which is worth having!

Price for two- 300

House of Tibet cafe and bar

This restaurant specialises in spicy fast food. It has a simple yet elegant feel to it. The menu is reasonably priced and includes a wide range of fast food options. It's the ideal spot to spend time with friends and family. The quintessential Tibetan cuisine served here is rich in flavours and varieties. Thukpa with stir-fried vegetables is a perfect combination to go for.

Price for two- 600