Restaurants In Goa That Serve The Best Authentic Seafood
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Goa is popular for its beaches and authentic seafood. Goa's cuisine has Konkani roots and has been influenced by 451 years of Portuguese rule. Goan cuisine is mostly seafood-based, with rice and fish as staple foods. The Kingfish (vison or visvan) is one of the most often consumed fish species. Pomfret, shark, tuna, sardines, and mackerel are some of the other fish types. Goan Christians' cuisine is largely influenced by Portuguese cuisine. For example, the usage of vinegar is fairly common, particularly toddy vinegar, which is manufactured from coconut sap extracted from stems and fermented for four to six months. Rice, coconuts, fish, kokum, cashews, spices, and vinegar are all common ingredients in Goan cuisine.


Wanna try out authentic seafood platters in Goa? Here is the list of 5 restaurants in Goa that serve the best seafood

Martin's corner

Martin's corner is known over the years for its food and hospitality. Some of the exceptional dishes served here are prawn Curry, Xacuti, King Fish, Sorpotel, Vindaloo and Goan Sausage. This restaurant is located in Betalbatim in South Goa. Martin's is usually crowded and well lit up because of its ambience, aesthetic interiors and delicious platters. 

Price for two- 3000