Restaurants In Delhi Serving The Best Cheesy Pull Apart Garlic Bread
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Garlic bread (also known as garlic toast) is made with bread (typically a baguette or sourdough like ciabatta) that has been topped with garlic and olive oil or butter, as well as extra herbs like oregano or chives.  It's then roasted on the grill or baked in a traditional bread oven. It's usually made with a French baguette or a sourdough like a ciabatta that has been partially split downwards to allow the condiments to soak into the loaf while keeping it together. Before baking, the bread is loaded with oil and minced garlic through the cuts. Alternatively, butter and garlic powder can be used, or the bread can be split lengthwise into individual pieces and decorated separately. Garlic bread is a descendant of bruschetta, which first emerged in Italy around the 15th century and has roots in Ancient Rome. Over four million Italians moved to the United States between 1880 and 1924, many of them fleeing political persecution and poverty. Italy, like many other countries, is very diverse depending on geography, with the level of living in the south being lower than in the north. All of this culminated in one of the greatest migrations in modern history, with considerably more southern Italians migrating to the United States, bringing their food with them, which came to represent the country's gastronomic preferences. Rome, on the other hand, is almost exactly in the centre of the Italian peninsula, yet its cuisine is more similar to that of the south than that of the north. Pull apart garlic bread is a fluffy cheese bread that has cheese filled in it. It may have different stuffings depending on the region and community. It is different from the normal garlic bread in its size and filling.


Here are some restaurants in Delhi that serve the best cheesy pull apart garlic bread-

Fat Lulu's

Fat Lulu's, which has more than seven branches throughout the city, is always there to satisfy our garlic bread cravings. They provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian pull-apart bread, the latter of which is stuffed with ham. The ingredients used here are all fresh and authentic, with a wonderful drizzle of olive oil and mozzarella cheese. This restaurant is gold! It has a nice, cosy atmosphere and courteous staff.

Price for two- 500

Uncle's Sip And Bite

Uncle's is a small little cafe in Prashant Vihar. Uncle's Pull Apart Garlic Bread, which is part of their 'Freak Food Menu,' is a favourite among their regular customers. It's soft and cheesy, and the ideal combination of Italian flavours makes it melt in your mouth. You'll be drooling over this freshly prepared dish, which pairs well with their selection of chocolaty shakes and buttery fries.

Price for two- 300


Ditas in Mehrauli is well-known for its ambience and mouth-watering menu. Few people are aware, however, that they also serve mouthwatering Cheesy Pull Apart Garlic Bread. The soft bread is smeared with hot marinara sauce in addition to being overloaded with cheese, ensuring a flavour explosion in your mouth.

Price for two- 1800

Truffle deck

The Truffle Deck Special Pulled Apart garlic bread is lavishly coated with butter. Before being baked in the oven, this garlic bread is packed with a mountain of shredded cheese. The cheese has already melted and is spilling out of every crevice of the bread when it's removed.

Price for two- 200