Dipped In History United Coffee House Step’s Into 81st Year
Image Credit: United Coffee House/ Facebook

When we think of iconic eateries in the capital, United Coffee House just cant be missed. This timeless legacy started by Lala Hans Raj Kalra in 1942 was one of the first place to get coffee out from the premises of five stars to a restaurant. The huge chandeliers, high roofs, legendary Cona coffee to the iconic Chicken a la Kiev.

Forever favourite United Coffee House when it opened way back on 1942 not many may know was called Esplanade and catered to the American GIs. Mostly serving the Britishers, their hot dogs and buttermilk biscuits were pretty famous. As Akash Kalra, Managing Director, the United Group adds “Over the year this place has seen many new looks and phases but the European classics like the Tomato Fish, Chicken a la Kiev, Mushroom Stroganoff, Coq Au Vin and Fillets De Sole ‘Meunier’ could never fade or loose their charm. If you look at the menu carefully some of these dish’s date back decades and each recipe has been kept intact for years and is still followed”. From hot dogs to omelette, chana bhatura the menu graduated to home club food inspired from Bombay club food, Calcutta club food, Yatch club and more. The menu slowly saw many Continental dishes being added over the years but the classics like keema samosa, cheese balls were not to missed.


With loyal clienteles queuing up here each day this culinary landmark spot located at one of capital prime location, Connaught place United Coffee House this restaurant was also the first in the city ever to use air-conditioning and freezing equipment. Taking the legacy forward of Delhi’s first café Akash adds “this place is more of a sentiment for many. Over the period of time people have made this place a brand and it’s great to see how people across generations still love visiting this place with same enthusiasm. It has surely evolved from a simple coffee place to much more”.  

The vintage look of the place has always attracted one and all. Collating culinary delicacies from across the globe, not just the food but the signature coffee blends that are on the menu also depict a story in itself or for those who wanna happy high moment cocktails like Polo Collins, or the Bengal Presidency Margarita will do the magic. Shaping the culinary landscape of the capital, UCH is nothing less than a celebration of sorts which makes dining an experience to remember. Akash proudly admits that from the meat to vegan to old school favourite classics to new age takes innovation, there is ample on the menu to please one and all.