Republic Day 2022:  Tricolour Recipes To Indulge
Image Credit: Paneer tikka sampler From LOD Kolkata

India will commemorate its 73rd Republic Day this year. On this day, practically every Indian is hooked to their televisions, watching parades and flag hoisting’s honouring the world’s largest democracy’s pride of honour. Republic Day marks the 26th of January, 1950, when India’s Constitution went into effect. India is a remarkable example of ‘unity in variety,’ with 29 states and 7 union territories. Indian cuisine has played a special role in uniting a huge and diverse country, bringing us all closer every day as one big, happy gourmet family. The sheer diversity of food available in India is astounding. From clothes to art - tricolour themes are found in almost every possible thing on this day. So, how can food be left out of it? India and its love affair with food need no introduction. And since food spreads happiness, it will be a more evocative representation of the Republic Day celebration than anything else. It is also a wonderful way to pay patriotic homage. ‘Lord of the Drinks Kolkata’ have unleashed their creativity with their tri-coloured themed food to celebrate this day. 

Lord of the Drinks Kolkata’ have unleashed their creativity with their tricoloured themed food to celebrate this day. Paneer lovers, raise your hand! Lord of the Drinks Kolkata brings you their Republic Day special ‘Harrisa custard Paneer Tikka’- this version is flavored with pickling spices made with chilli garlic, Roasted bell pepper, hang curd, harissa powder, rock salt, cook in clay oven and then flavored with pickling spices.

Paneer parmesan Malai Tikka – cream is added and the dish has more mild flavors than regular paneer tikka. Paneer cubes marinated with overnight hang curd, garlic paste, white pepper powder, salt, fresh cream, cashew nuts paste & parmesan cheese and then cooked in clay oven. Coriander pesto paneer Tikka – made with addition of fresh green herbs like freshly Coriander, pine nuts, olive oil, parmesan cheese, hang curd, salt. Make it into a smooth mixture then add the paneer cubes & cook in clay oven and the Paneer tikka sampler - Cottage cheese marinated with parmesan malai, harrisa marinated and coriander pesto. Served with masala onion and mint sauce.

Let’s see what Chef Subhadeep Roy has to say, “Every year, on this day, we try to come up with unique, flavourful dishes to cater to our visitors. This year too, we have introduced the Republic Day special Paneer Tikka Sampler to invoke the spirit of patriotism with orange (harissa custard), white (malai parmesan) and green (coriander pesto) coloured tikkas. Hope our guests like it”. 

All three kabab served with mint chutney made with garden fresh coriander, mint, ginger garlic, green chili, raw mango, Roasted cashew nuts, curd, aamchur powder, spice tangy flavoured with masala onion...onion rings marinated with chat masala, red chiili powder, oil, lemon juice

Dig into these delicacies and enjoy this day of happiness.