Relish Chocolate Chaa At This Famous Tea Kiosk in Kolkata
Image Credit: Photo: __cravingbowl__

A tea kiosk in Kolkata has been in the limelight for its unique inventions such as chocolate chaa that is topped with either an ice-cream cone, a few little hearts biscuits or Hershey's syrup. The tea kiosk which goes by the name of Tripti Cafe is located near Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station, Gate 6.

The offerings have been attracting the attention of locals and tourists alike. After reading several reviews, we are tempted ourselves, and couldn’t resist sharing this little bit of trivia with those who have had the pleasure of going to Kolkata right now. Tripti Cafe has about 1000+ positive reviews on the internet, and you should definitely check it out! 

Many people have praised the perfect balance of sweetness, and the fact that it refreshes you in every sip. This is not an ordinary pit-stop for weary travellers. It’s a very popular attraction for college students, who often credit the owner for being brightening their day with amazing ‘chaa’ creations! Other beverages that people can try include lemon tea, chocolate lassi, kesar malai tea, hookah iced tea…the menu goes on and on!

The place has its own amazing identity and appeal, and the reputation it has garnered has mostly been through word-of-mouth and social media. This tea is one of those magical things which many locals just can’t do without, and this place may become one of your favourite go-to's. You must visit whenever you get a chance! 

A lot of people may revel in the flavours, though some people may criticise it for being such an unhealthy version of chai! But, chocolate tea is made for foodies like us who just cannot resist this version of kulhad wali chai.

We also want to meet the man who has come up with these innovative creations, and his tea inventions are an example of pouring your heart out in one’s work isn’t it? Isn’t that something only a handful of people have the skills to do? That’s why we love to cover such stories. If you have a place in mind which is an experience unto itself, let us know here!