Recreate These 7 Yummy Dahi Street Foods At Your Home
Image Credit: Unsplash

Every Indian home has a few important ingredients in its refrigerator. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to suggest that if we didn't have salt, yoghurt, or rice, our house would come to a halt. Yoghurt, also known as 'dahi' in Hindi, is not only used in various recipes but is also served as a side dish with parathas, pulao, and biryani. Yoghurt is simple to make because it only requires time to ferment and take shape. However, there are instances when we make more yoghurt than we can consume. If you have an abundance of dahi at home and are concerned that it will go sour, we've compiled a list of great street meals that you can make at home using yoghurt.

1. Dahi Kebab

These delectable kebabs, which are crunchy on the exterior and soft and creamy inside, are to die for. Onions, paneer, hanging curd, and seasonings are used to make these kebabs.

2. Dahi Sandwich

This snack is a speedy masaledaar sandwich filled with a creamy mix of yoghurt, vegetables, and spices. The bread's toasted, crispy texture pairs well with the creamy filling.

3. Dahi Bhalla

Another delicious Old Delhi-style snack that is so well-liked that you can find it at practically any wedding, get-together, or party is this traditional street dish. Bhallas are covered in sweet yoghurt and chutneys and are soft and fluffy.

4. Dahi Puri

If you enjoy pani puris, these dahi puris will undoubtedly replace them as your favourites. To create chatpata chaat at home, crispy puris are stuffed with sweet yoghurt, masala, and chutneys.

5. Dahi Phulki

This delicious street cuisine is a traditional summertime snack. This delicious street food is made up of little pakode that are prepared from besan and are dipped in chatpata and flavorful yoghurt.

6. Dahi Chana Chaat

This delicious chaat also features boiling chickpeas that have been covered with sweet yoghurt and pungent chutneys. Delicious and really simple to make, dahi chana chaat.

7. Chaat Papdi

This traditional chaat combines a variety of spicy and sweet flavours to create a delectable snack. This is a traditional street snack from Old Delhi that is simple to make at home.