Traditionally baked in coals in Roman times, Foccaccia is a flat oven-baked Italian bread that is called "pizza bianca" in some places. It derives its name from the Roman “panis focacius,” which means “hearth bread”.

If you prefer Italian side-dishes or Italian sandwich bread, learn to make Foccaccia as your next lockdown kitchen challenge. Slice it for making sandwiches or add it as an accompaniment to a bowl of soup or a salad or eat it as it is, Foccaccia comes packed with health benefits with vitamins, minerals and fiber that slowly give the body energy and help better regulate blood sugar levels.

Check out the recipe here to make this Italian bread:

Ingredients for Foccaccia

T-65 Flour - 200gm

Gluten - 6gm

Improver - 3gm

Yeast - 4gm

Water - 120gm

Salt - 5gm

Olive oil - 10gm

Herbs - 2gm

Ingredients for toppings:

Sautéed onion - 50gm

Rock Salt - 2gm

Herbs - 2gm

Olives - 20gm


Make a dough by mixing the T-65 flour, gluten, improver and yeast with water. Knead till you get a smooth window pane and add salt. Add olive oil and knead the dough till mixed well.

Add herbs. Make a smooth ball of the dough and place it on a tray greased with oil. Cover with cling wrap and place in the proofer to proof for 30-40 minutes.

Method for shaping and baking:

Once proofed, gently knock down the dough and flatten it with fingers dipped in olive oil. Top with sautéed onions, herbs, olives and rock salt and transfer the tray to the proofer again. Once fully proofed, press the toppings lightly so that it doesn't fall off.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200°C for 30-35 minutes till golden brown on top. Brush with olive oil once done.

(Recipe: Berezida Gandhi, Chef, The St. Regis Mumbai)

Move over banana bread and give a try to Foccaccia.