The Covid-19 lockdown has brought out our inner chefs and even those who could not prepare a simple breakfast of eggs were seen baking their own banana breads in the kitchen. Having perfected the art of not only being able to cook the basics but also what’s trending, we went from preparing banana breads, Dalgona coffees and kadha to now cooking main course dishes in a jiffy.

If you too have a sweet tooth like us and easily give in to dessert cravings, here is a simple recipe to satisfy your soul. As Lotus Biscoffs trend this week, check out this mousse recipe with just two ingredients to make the easiest dessert.


600ml thickened cream (heavy whipping cream)

10 tbsp of melted biscoff spread

(Optional) Lotus biscoff biscuits to decorate


Whip cream till it forms soft peaks. Place a jar of biscoff spread in the microwave for a few seconds (about 20 sec) till it softens.

Place 10 tbsp of softened biscoff spread over cream and fold them in together till there are no more streaks. You can also layer crushed biscoff biscuits at bottom of the serving cups and pipe biscoff mousse over it before topping it with more softened spread and decorating with some biscuits if you want.

Set it in the fridge for at least two hours and binge eat or serve cold.

(Recipe courtesy: YouTube/ Walla Abu-Eid)

Lotus Biscoff have become the new buyers trend amid lockdown and are preferred by those trying to give up sugar in their tea or coffee as these biscuits have a yummy sugar-y taste itself along with a slight caramel flavor. How are you going to use them in your dessert?