Berries and summers are a perfect combo that actually turns out to be a dessert bursting with fresh berries, oats adding dollops of health and a nice touch of cinnamon which all together stand for our love language. Sweet and tart berry bars are not only drool-worthy enough to make you look forward to snack time in summers but are also serve as a great addition to one’s morning bowl of yoghurt as they are so flavourful and satisfying.

Hence, we decided to share a super simple recipe of Berry Oat Bars to add all the missing sweetness to your lockdown Sunday. Check out the recipe below as Berry Oat Bars make the best healthy snack for warmer months:

Ingredients for crust and crumble topping:

1 c oat flour

1 c rolled oats

1/4 c ground flax meal

1/4 c slivered almonds, roughly chopped

1/4 c pure maple syrup

2 tbsp avocado oil

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1/8 tsp salt

Ingredients for berry filling:

Just over 3 cups mixed organic berries

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1 tbsp coconut sugar


Preheat oven to 350 F. In large bowl, combine dry ingredients and then add wet ingredients. Mix well with fork to form a crumble.

Spray 8x8 pan and press about 2/3 of the crumble mixture to bottom of pan to form the crust layer. Bake 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, heat berries in large pan over medium heat. Mix in lemon juice and sugar until the juice starts to simmer, then reduce heat to low and cook for 7-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove pan from heat and let sit a few minutes so the liquid congeals.

Pour berry mixture over crust, top with remaining oat crumble, sprinkle some more cinnamon on top, if desired and bake for 20 minutes. Let bars cool before slicing. Enjoy!


Unlike wheat flour, oat flour doesn't contain any gluten instead, has more protein and fiber than regular flour. Apart from being rich in antioxidants and being incredibly nutritious, oats can improve blood sugar control, can lower cholesterol levels and protects LDL Cholesterol from damage.

Its soluble fiber beta-glucan aids in digestion, keeps the stomach satiated, keeps hunger pangs at bay while keeping one full. Hence, it is a suitable flour for weight loss.

Milled flaxseeds too improve digestive health, lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, may benefit people with diabetes and also reduce the risk of cancer. Packed with healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E, almonds not only reduce hunger and promote weight loss but also lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels along with reducing blood pressure.

According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating almonds in place of typical snacks may reduce the drop in heart rate variability (HRV) that occurs during mental stress, thereby improving cardiac function. Apart from being a very good source of fiber and high in antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress, raspberries are low in calories but boast many nutrients.

Their consumption helps reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses due to their antioxidant content. They may positively impact blood sugar, improve arthritis, aid in weight loss and may also combat ageing.

Though raspberries are best to eat after purchasing, they can also be frozen and enjoyed at any time of year with same healthy option. Strawberries are sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie food and are packed with fibres and vitamins.

They protect the heart by increasing HDL which is good cholesterol, guard against cancer and lower the blood pressure. On the other hand, blueberry-enriched diet may help women’s muscle growth and repair, manage oxidative stress and oxygen consumption rate or metabolism as per a study conducted at Cornell University and published in the Journal of Nutrition.