Reasons Why You Must Eat Eggs In Winter Season
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Many measures should be taken throughout the winter. As it gets closer, people turn off their fans, put on their sweaters and jackets, cuddle up under their blankets, and in many places with extreme weather, turn on their heaters. Bonfires are also lit to fend off the cold wave. Even though all of these precautions keep people warm, following merely these precautions does not guarantee immunity to diseases and infections. A healthy diet is essential for increasing immunity and the capacity of our bodies to fight infections. Eggs are a staple during the winter season. Who doesn't like having a warm sunny side up in the morning before leaving? 

Here are some benefits of having eggs in winter

Strengthens body

People are more prone to getting sick during the winter because many infectious microorganisms live well in cold and dry environments and are therefore more likely to infect everyone. One of the best foods for health and nutrition is the nutrient-rich egg. Eggs are the source of a variety of nutrients and healthy proteins that improve our bodies overall health. The main advantage of healthy eggs is that they support a stronger immune system and assist the body in battling pathogens.


Eggs are necessary for weight loss since they are a fantastic source of protein, fat, and essential elements. Eggs help in weight loss since they keep the stomach satisfied for a long time when eaten frequently. Eggs aid in feeling full and long-term desire management. It promotes the body's metabolism to aid in weight loss.

Boosts immunity

Eggs, one of the least expensive foods, provide sufficient energy to start the day. Eggs are incredibly adaptable and can be prepared in a variety of ways. The egg yolk's vitamin D content aids in the recovery from the flu and the common cold. The fact that they include a variety of vitamins and minerals essential to maintaining a healthy body makes them fantastic immune booster.

Rich in protein

Getting the recommended quantity of protein is crucial for maintaining good health as well as for constructing bones and muscles. Protein-wise, eggs are regarded as a decent source. 6 grammes of protein are present in a typical medium-sized egg. Our body uses protein to make antibiotics and fight foreign invaders, both of which help to stave off diseases.

Improves cholesterol

Contrary to popular belief, eating eggs consistently can increase the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body, which is essential for preserving heart health. Eggs naturally contain a lot of beneficial cholesterol. Unlike other foods that contain trans and saturated fats and also contain cholesterol, eggs do not elevate blood cholesterol levels.