Reasons Why Pregnant Ladies Should Avoid Eggplant
Image Credit: Eggplant

Certain food items that are actually nutritious may not be as good for pregnant ladies as they are for other people. Eggplant or brinjal is one such vegetable. Expecting mothers need to be cautious about their diet as it plays a crucial role in the development of the unborn child. During pregnancy, what you eat directly affects your child’s health. While studies suggest that eggplant is packed with essential nutrients and therefore, everyone should have it, Ayurveda disagrees and believes the vegetable is harmful for pregnant women. 

It argues that eggplant acts as a diuretic and therefore can stimulate menstruation, which is not a good sign during pregnancy. Moreover, the soil in which eggplants are grown usually contains a compound called toxoplasmosis. Eggplant absorbs this compound and when the vegetable is consumed by a pregnant lady, her risk of experiencing premature delivery of her child increases significantly. 

Various people have complained of getting skin allergy post-eating eggplants and therefore pregnant women are suggested to avoid this veggie. If you absolutely love eggplants and get a craving, you can have them once in a while. However, it is always best to nil any probability of an unfortunate incident if we are already aware of its potential cause.