Ready-To-Eat Food Market To Expand By 45% In India In 5 Years
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According to the Singapore-based service provider – SATS Food Solutions – the ready-to-eat food product market in India has been projected to grow by 45% in a span of five years. The company, which has set-up shop with a facility in Bengaluru, perceives India as a ‘culturally diverse’ market, with the tastes of the average consumer being more receptive to products that might make day-to-day functioning easy. The research conducted by the company indicates that Indian consumers have been welcoming the experience of higher culinary standards, as a result of which the upcoming Bengaluru facility at the Kempegowda International Airport, will be employing 300 people to begin with.

Another study conducted by Market Research Future also points out that 72% of Indians are on a constant lookout for well-balanced, nutritious ready-to-eat meals – with minimal additives, organic ingredients and ‘clean labels’. This rising demand has also prompted manufacturers to come up with products which also lean towards plant-based and vegan options to meet the surge in demand. The growing awareness around health and wellness has enabled companies to make use of technology to innovate and develop meals that offer a good balance of nutrition and diversifying tastes.

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Whether it is the culinary heritage of the country that has enabled for the Indian palate to be exposed to a variety of different flavours and ingredients, or striking a balance between traditional and modern food practices, ready-to-eat brands have also begun to capitalise on festive traditions to integrate their product to the general sentiment that the citizens associate with food. Moreover, available options have also begun to keep-up with the family-style eating to offer larger portions of meals that can be shared amongst people.