Rare Whiskey Sells For 4 Crores At Istanbul Airport: 5 Ways To Turn Your Sasti Whiskey Around
Image Credit: Pixabay

How much can you pay for your favourite bottle of liquor? Especially on days, you spot a rare, historical bottle. A Chinese flier recently bought a bottle of Whiskey for more than 4 crores at the Istanbul airport. As per a report published by Airport World, the rare bottle of whiskey was at the duty-free store of the Istanbul airport since December 2021, and now the bottle has been sold for a whopping 488,000 Euros, which roughly amounts to 4.14 crores in Indian currency. It was a limited Yamazaki 55-year-old whiskey, which made it extra unique and rare to vie the attention of the generous Chinese flier. The official website of House of Suntory, the liquor brand confirmed that the Yamazaki 55, was their oldest single malt whiskey to ever exist.  

Feeling poor yet? Well, you have no reason to be so grim for we have got you some enticing Whiskey cocktail ideas that can make your relatively cheaper whiskeys also taste exquisite. For the uninitiated, whiskey is a distilled alcoholic drink made with fermented grain mash. Many different kinds of grains are used to make whiskeys like barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whiskey is typically aged in wooden casks, more often than not they are sherry casks or charred white oak casks. The more aged the whiskey, the finer and more exquisite the taste. So, pick your whiskey wisely before making these cocktails.

1. Whiskey Sour

How dare we not include this classic cocktail in our list? Will the Whiskey lords forgive? We guess not. A delicious cocktail made with smooth bourbon whiskey, aptly contrasted with lemon juice is perfect for casual drinking and parties both. They also go well with most of your meal courses.

2. Whiskey Ginger Cocktail

The warm kick of ginger ale and zesty lime makes this cocktail ideal all year round. It is sharp, robust and so easy to put together.  

3. Apple Mint-Whiskey Ice Tea

If fruity, sweet and effervescent cocktails are your vibe then you would love this iced tea on days both warm and cold. The combination of apple and mint has a rejuvenating kick that is quite addictive.  

4. Whiskey Ricky

A rickey is perfect for those looking all things simple and refreshing. Made with just three ingredients, a spirit, sparkling water and lime juice, this fizzy cocktail is the life of any party. Usually, you associate rickey with gin, but It spells magic with whiskey bourbon too.  

5. Green Irish Whiskey Sangria

There are very few who know their Whiskeys like the Irish, this green Irish Whiskey Sangria is the epic coming together Irish whiskey, white wine and green fruit. The tinge of green makes it perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.  

So, which among these whiskey cocktails are you particularly excited to try. Let us know!