Ramen Three Ways: Shortcuts To Take Noodles To The Next Level
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Although there’s only a rare handful of people in the world that don’t enjoy the pleasures of a packet of instant ramen noodles, those who do, really begin to understand the importance of getting in touch with their inner child, once in a while. Of course, we’re not endorsing the idea of junk food being addictive but during those moments of indulgence when you want to eat something unusual, a simple bowl of ramen can be spruced up in many deliciously different ways. Here’s how:

Dan-Dan Style Noodles

The Chinese-Sichuan dish of cold noodles with a spicy, creamy sauce is great for when you want to meal prep ahead of time and want something delicious. Alternatively, you could also cook the noodles as you go and dunk them in a bowl of ice water, when done. Simply mix together equal parts of sesame oil, soy sauce and honey, along with some peanut butter, rice wine vinegar and chopped ginger-garlic. Mix into the noodles and garnish with lots of green onions and slices of grilled chicken or pork.


Minced Meat Stir Fry Noodles

If you’re wound up about using the delicious seasoning packet that comes with instant ramen, this minced meat noodles are for you. You could use any minced meat of your choice; be it chicken, turkey, lamb or pork. If you’re vegetarian, using a vegan mince would work equally well. Break your block of mince into tiny pebbles with some oil in a pan and add the seasoning packet and some salt to brown the meat, until cooked. Toss the noodles in the seasoned mince and mix in some halved cherry tomatoes and sliced onions. Eat straight out of the pan for maximum enjoyment!

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Meatball Noodle Soup

Modelled off of the pho-style ramen, this method adapts with whatever you have in hand. Whether it is a handful of radishes, sugar snaps, beans, mushrooms or peas, simply add into a pot of boiling water, double the quantity of the ramen noodles. Flavour this liquid with the seasoning packet, soy sauce, lime juice, a sliced onion, some fish sauce and some store-bought meatballs that you can warm up in a pan. Garnish with plenty of coriander, green onions and a poached egg. Bon Appetit!