Ramadan 2023: Chef Taj Qureshi Shares His 3 Iftar Recipes
Image Credit: Haldi malai subzi, Conrad Pune

Iftar and Eid celebrations always bring back memories of delicious Seviyan, juicy kebabs and aromatic biryanis. These traditional recipes are an integral part of the culture and hold a special place in our hearts. However, adding an innovative twist to these dishes can take them to the next level. It's exciting to experiment with new ingredients and techniques to create unique variations of these classic recipes. Taj Qureshi, Indian Speciality Chef, Conrad Pune, has three amazing recipes built around the traditional essence of this festival's iconic recipes but with a novel twist. 

It is crucial to incorporate innovation and inventiveness while preparing an Iftar spread. Creativity can go a long way in making the Iftar experience memorable and enjoyable for all. According to Chef Qureshi, he always tries to adhere to it while putting up a festive spread at Conrad Pune. This is because it adds variety to the meal and makes it more appealing to the guests. Therefore, it is highly recommended to put in some effort to create a unique and diverse spread for this special occasion.

Seviyan ka Muzaffar      

Eid and seviyan kheer are synonymous. It is impossible to imagine this festive celebration without some meethi seviyan. This recipe makes it even more decadent with the use of mawa. A good amount of dry fruits add a crunch.

Image By: Conrad, Pune.


  • Milk 75 ml         
  • Sugar 20 grams
  • Cloves  2 nos
  • Green Cardamom 2 nos
  • Cinnamon 1 nos
  • Mawa  50 gms
  • Saffron  2 gms
  • Meetha Ittar 1ml
  • Pista slivers 5gms                         
  • Almond slivers  5gms    
  • Ghee    30gms  
  • Chandi Ki Warq  2 no                                                                       


  • Heat ghee in a thick bottom pan. Add the seviyan and cook till golden in colour. Take it off the heat and allow it to cool.                                  
  • Heat water in a pan. Once it starts boiling, add sugar and make syrup. Now add the golden fried seviyan, cloves, green cardamom, cinnamon stick, saffron, and milk. Cover the vessel and cook on slow heat for 10 minutes.
  • Once cooked, take the hot seviyan in a serving dish and garnish with crushed mawa, almond, pista slivers and silver warq.

Haldi Malai ki Subzi

It might not be a typical dish that you would come across in an Iftar spread. But trust me, it is worth a try. It is a unique Indian curry using raw turmeric or Kachhi haldi. The malai stands for its creaminess which comes from chena or cottage cheese and malai or cream. Adding an array of vegetables, this dish can steal the show.

Haldi malai curry, Image By: Conrad, Pune


  • Ghee   5 gms
  • Refined Oil 8 gms
  • Onion chopped 20 gms
  • Tomato chopped 15 gms        
  • Green Chili chopped   5gms
  • Ginger chopped 4 gms
  • Fresh Turmeric roasted and crushed 20 gms              
  • Cumin Powder 3 gms  
  • Yellow Chili Powder    3 gms 
  • Kasoori Methi 3 gms  
  • Salt 10 gms 
  • Chena  10 gms 
  • Malai 20 gms  
  • Long Beans stringed boiled 10 gms
  • Cauliflower florets boiled       10 gms              
  • Carrot diced boiled 10gms
  • Edamame 10gms
  • Potli Masala 5gms  


  • Heat ghee and oil in a pan. When hot, add cumin seeds and allow to crackle
  • Add the onions and cook till golden brown in colour. Now add the tomatoes and ginger, and cook for further 10 mins 
  • Add the fresh turmeric, and cook for 10 more mins. Add the yellow chilli powder, kasoori methi, and potli masala. Add little water and allow to get a boil
  • Now add all the vegetables and salt. Cover the pan and simmer the vegetables for 5-7 mins 
  • Add the malai and mix well. Lastly, add the chena and cook for 5 mins

Serve it with rice or choice of bread.

Serve hot, garnished with fresh cream and coriander sprigs.

Peshawari Pakhtuni Boti                            

This dish echoes the decadent and authentic aroma of Peshawari cuisine. Cooked with mutton, it has a rich texture derived from brown onion paste, hung curd and cashew nuts. It is not just the richness. The flavour profile has a medley of spices which lend the dish an overdose of aroma and taste.

Delicious Peshawari boti, Image By: Conrad Pune

Portions Size- 1               


  • Mutton Cubes  160 gms
  • Ginger garlic paste  10 gms        
  • Salt 10 gms
  • Raw papaya Paste 15 gms
  • Brown Cashew nut Paste 8 gms
  • Brown onion paste 15gms
  • Mustard Oil 10 ml
  • Hung Yoghurt 15 ml
  • Carrot finely chopped 5gms
  • Yellow chilli powder 5 gms
  • Red Chili Powder 8 gms
  • Cumin Powder  5 gms
  • Kasoori Methi   3gms
  • Potli Masala      5gms
  • Galouti Masala  5 gms
  • Coriander Stems chopped 3gms
  • Butter 10 gms


  • Wash the mutton well and squeeze out all the water. Add raw papaya paste, salt, ginger garlic, and mustard oil. Allow it to rest for 2 hours.
  • In a mixing bowl, make marination with yoghurt, cashew nut paste, onion paste, chopped carrots, yellow chilli powder, red chilli powder, cumin powder, kasoori methi, potli masala, galouti masala, and coriander stems
  • Add the marinated mutton cubes to the yoghurt mixture and allow to rest for a further 2 hrs. 
  • Skewer the mutton cubes and cook in a hot tandoor until adequately roasted.  Baste with hot butter and serve along with pudina chutney.