Make Your Iftar Special With Gulgule and Masala Papad Chaat
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The holy month of Ramadan is going on. During this month, Muslim devotees fast from sunrise to sunset and open their fasts by doing Iftari. There is a tradition in most families to eat gulgula during iftari, as it is an excellent source of energy. Gulgula is a traditional Indian sweet prepared in several locations. It is one of the most popular sweets in the market, and it is typically cooked in rural areas on special occasions.


Another way of making this papad chaat is by crushing the papad and mixing it with the vegetables. Mix all the ingredients well and enjoy the chaat with some sharbat. 

The masala papad chaat is a mixture of tangy and spicy flavours. The crispy crunch of the papad is balanced out well with boiled chana. Gulgule and masala papad chaat make an interesting pair because of the ingredients that are made. Gulgule is a good source of energy. After a long day of fasting, masala papad chaat is the dish you should go for. It is refreshing, tangy, spicy, and crunchy. It feels like you are having an Indianised taco. The combination is a well-balanced platter that fulfils all the cravings of the taste buds and hits the right spot.