Rakul Preet Singh’s Mango Indulgence Is Too Tempting; 3 Fruit Dishes To Try
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of Rakul Preet Singh's Instagram post

Foodies know that if they have to find one reason to be excited about during the summer season, it has to be food only! The assortment of the season’s best products has already gotten foodies as happy as a lark. However, for many, the heat and sweat that the summer days bring along are still difficult to come to terms with, and they look for ways to pep themselves up. Let us tell you that actress Rakul Preet Singh has already done it for us. The mango season has barely begun and she already started indulging in the earliest production of the season’s best.

It is no hidden secret that the ‘king of fruits’ has kept us hooked on its taste for ages now. Quite versatile, it has led us to experiment with it and whip up varieties of dishes in no time - from ice creams to curries. However, we must admit that refreshing mango drinks are the best indulgence ever. And from Rakul’s Instagram story, it seems like she thinks the same. She has taken to her handle and posted a story with a picture of her relishing a glass of mango juice. Take a look here:

Source: Screengrab of Rakul Preet Singh's Instagram story

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