Raksha Bandhan 2023: Celebrate With 5 Delicious Ghewar Flavours

In India, no festival is complete without something meetha and Raksha Bandhan is no exception. It's that time of the year when brothers and sisters celebrate their love and bond. On this day, sisters tie rakhi around their brother’s wrist while the brother promises to protect his sister and gives her amazing gifts. This festival, like any other, features an array of Indian desserts but there is one significant to this festival in many parts of India like Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Yes, we are talking about Ghewar. 

Ghewar is a traditional Indian sweet that is often associated with the festival of Raksha Bandhan and Teej. This traditional Rajasthani dessert has a honeycomb like texture and is deep fried. It has tiny holes and spores and often topped with a thick layer of cream with nuts. But why is this dessert consumed on Raksha Bandhan? Well, ghewar is prepared only during monsoon, thanks to its peculiar texture. Making ghewar is a little complex as it needs moisture. Thus, damp weather becomes an ideal time for its preparation. Raksha Bandhan and Teej falls around monsoon and thus, we can ghewar all over the market this time.  

Video credits: Nishamadhulika/YouTube

If you have a special love for ghewar, we have something for you. This Raksha Bandhan, get over regular ghewar and try 5 fun and interesting flavours instead. So, have a look and surprise your siblings. 

Kesar Malai Ghewar 

Malai ghewar is something a lot of people have tried but did you ever get a chance to try kesar malai ghewar? While malai ghewar is tastier than plan ghewar, kesar malai ghewar is a notch higher than malai ghewar. The creamy layer of kesar flavoured malai on the top perfectly complements the crispy texture of ghewar, while giving it a unique taste. 

Dry Fruit Ghewar 

This is yet another delicious ghewar variety relished in different parts of the country.  This ghewar has the goodness of almonds, cashews, pistachios, which gives it a peculiar and rich taste. It is one of the most expensive Ghewar versions because of the addition of dry fruits but believe me, it is worth a try. 

Chocolate Ghewar 

Wait, what? Chocolate Ghewar? Yes, you read that right. This fusion ghewar variety has the vibrant taste of chocolate which can make you drool. Cocoa powder is added to the flour, and this gives it a brown colour and chocolaty taste. If you are a chocolate lover, this ghewar is something you should try.  

Rabdi Ghewar 

Rabdi ghewar is not so common but is known for its rich texture and taste. The ghewar and tiny pores and honeycomb like texture and when topped with a creamy and rich layer of rabdi, it becomes too delectable. This ghewar variety might not be easily available but you can always get it on order.  

Custard Ghewar 

This ghewar may sound weird but believe me, once you taste this, there is no looking back. This ghewar has a thick and creamy layer of custard on the top. When garnished with nuts and cardamom, this custard ghewar can steal the limelight of any occasion. Give it a try.