Rajnush And Vedika On Their Concept Of Plant Forward Meal
Image Credit: Burnt Brassica / Facebook- Mharo Khet

When you think of Rajasthan, the first thing that comes to mind is a barren desert, but what if you learned that even in this barren land, there is someone who has taken on the challenge of growing some exotic greens and making this place lush like anywhere else?

Mharokhet, an experimental farm located about 25 to 30 kilometres outside of Jodhpur, is Rajnush Agarwal's and his wife Vedika Prasad's passion project. This farm is so special because every day is a new adventure for them. And also because this sustainable farm is working towards plant-based, or what you might call "plant-forward," dining experiences with an emphasis on local, seasonal, and high-quality ingredients. Adding to this, Oxford returned Rajnush's words: "This 40-acre farm of mine in the village of Manai is not just my passion project; it’s something that I want people to experience when they come to Jodhpur. I want Mharakhet to be one of the most sought-after experiences in the city, just like visiting Mehrangarh Fort."

The farm is known for growing exotic crops like strawberries, kale, bell peppers, brussels sprouts, chamomile, oyster mushrooms, and more. The philosophy at Mharokhet is all about appreciating the season's produce and serving it on the plate. Further adding, Rajnush says, "At our farm, we do offer two kinds of meal experiences: world cuisine and Indian cuisine, both focusing on seasonal growth. Hence, the menu almost changes every 1–15 days. We use unique and local ingredients to create delicious, healthy, and nutritious plates that are nothing less than gourmet. It’s all about fresh, healthy, freshly prepared meals that are delicious and a joy to eat." And yes, I can vouch for the same, as I personally had the chance to experience this gourmet affair while sitting under lush green guava trees in a guava orchard.

While Rajnush is the brainchild behind this venture, the very promising Sejal also brings her expertise to the table. The culinary trail here is anything but ordinary, as before you head to your table you are given an extensive tour of the farm where the food is grown, and yes, you can expect to see most of them on your plate. The dining experience, which consists of a seven-course, pre-plated, plant-forward meal, is an amalgam of art, freshness, and flavour. Tables perched under the canopy of trees in a two-decade-old guava orchard provide open-sky dining. My plate, loaded with dishes from international and Indian cuisine, exceeded my expectations. Amuse-bouche servings of shengdanyachi-stuffed jalapenos on wheat crisps were delightful. Bati sans dal with fire-roasted chutney and a quenelle of smoked yoghurt for the mains, along with some gourd roulades with seasonal grains, are part of Regional Indian fare and were simply amazing!

Rajnush further says, "Our mission is to eliminate waste and nourish all life forms. All food that comes to our table is waste-free and grown in our beautiful gardens."

Mharokhet’s unique initiative of BYOT (Build Your Own Tokri) lets you pick vegetables grown on the farm. It's a haven for plant-forward eaters, where they can savour the plant-based meals of their dreams. They aim to make you feel good about the food you’re eating, so we created an experience for you where you will be able to taste these fresh ingredients and truly appreciate where they came from. And yes, Mharokhet is all about no TV, no alcohol, and non-vegetarian food.