Rahul And Sonia Gandhi Celebrate NYE With Homemade Marmalade
Image Credit: Rahul Gandhi/YouTube

Everyone has their own end of year traditions and rituals and for MP Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi, the end of 2023 offered up the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen by making some homemade marmalade. In a video posted to Rahul Gandhi’s YouTube channel the pair head out with baskets in hand to pick some fresh oranges from their garden ready to whip up some amazing fresh jam

They return to the kitchen to start preparing the oranges, separating the pulp and flesh from peels. The next day they begin with the actually jam-making process starting with adding all the pulp and juice to a large pot and bringing it to a simmer. "It's my sister's (Priyanka Gandhi Vadra) recipe, not mine, She found the recipe and improved it. I am just implementing it," Rahul Gandhi admits while also explaining that it’s his mother’s favourite jam.

Video Credits: Rahul Gandhi/YouTube

As they wait the 25 minutes for the large pot to come up to the desired temperature they joke and answer some lighthearted questions. "If BJP people want to get the jam, they can get it too," Rahul Gandhi says jokingly to which Sonia Gandhi replies, "They will throw it at us," evoking hearty laughter from Rahul who quips, “Good, then we can pick it up again

When asked what she thinks is her son’s most annoying trait Sonia Gandhi admits that they’re both very stubborn and that what she likes the most about him is his caring nature. They also talk about who the best cook in the family is and both agree that it was Sonia Gandhi's mother who learnt many recipes from the Gandhis' Kashmiri relatives.

Sonia Gandhi then goes on to admit that she initially had difficulty adjusting to Indian food, especially the spiciness and initially she didn’t like coriander or achaar, but now whenever she comes back from abroad all she wants is arhar (toor) daal and rice.

When the orange pulp has reduced and thickened, they add the thinly sliced peels and lots of sugar and continue boiling it, scooping up some of the froth that rises to the top as they go. Soon the marmalade is thick and dark, and ready to be bottled up as gifts for friends and family, each jar bearing a handwritten tag.