Rabri and falooda are two of everyone’s most favorite Indian desserts. Our relationship with the two is of a kind that will never break. In the times of scorching heat, we only feel like treating ourselves with a tasty, refreshing and a super chilled glass of a cold beverage and that is when falooda turns up to be the best choice you can find out there. Did you know your beloved falooda has travelled all the way from Persia before finally settling down in India? Just as exciting as the journey of falooda sounds, a bite of it is all the more tempting and fabulous enough to literally melt our hearts and simply melt in our mouths too. We’ve got you an amazing recipe of the lovely combination of rabri falooda, that you won’t be able to resist. Rabri is a delightful mix of thickened milk, sugar, jaggery, spices and nuts, that is perfect for every season. Falooda is itself a colorful multi-layered dessert so you can already imagine how lovely and exquisite a rabri falooda is going to be. With the layering of heavenly balls of rabri floating right on the top of your glass, here’s how you can enjoy it at home 

How can you make a rabri falooda at home?


Making a rabri falooda is rather simple and satisfying than being troublesome and tedious. Blend a glass of falooda by filling half of it with milk and pour together vermicelli and basil seeds. Pour some rose syrup over it and top it off with nuts and add a scoop of your favorite ice cream. Lastly, top it off with some pieces of fresh milky rabri by dropping it over the layers. For a step by step guide, click here for the full recipe of making rabri falooda at home.  

Hurry up and savour the taste of this delightful falooda at home before it's too late. We hope you love it.