Quiz: You’re oat-standing!

Oats are mainly consumed as porridge, as an ingredient in breakfast cereals, and in baked goods (oatcakes, oat cookies, and oat bread). Over the past few decades, oats have become a very popular “health food” as it contains several dietary fibres.

Oats are steamed, flattened, and sliced in different ways, producing several types of oats available. Oats come in different forms such as muesli, oats bread, oats milk, oats cake, oatmeal, parkin (cake), porridge, rolled oats and steel-cut oats. 

Other oatmeal recipes include oats idli, oats dosa, oats upma, oats uttapam, oats chilla, oats khichdi, oats cookies, oats porridge, oats kheer, oats halwa, fruits oats smoothie recipe and the popular overnight oats recipes.

If you are a fan of the nutritional values of oats, this quiz is for you.

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